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Thread: History of players

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    History of players

    i am playing TE since 2012.
    One thing I really like to have it's history of players.
    I explain : when I open the card of a player (of my team or in transfert list), I would like to see a new tab (under Contract's tab for example) with all history of the player. For example I click on tab "History" under tab "Contracts" and I see : season 130 / club Team FC / Matchs : 27 / Goals : 10 / Assists : 5
    And this for all this season, to 18 years old until retirement.

    In real life we all see this on wikipedia on a player.
    In TE , when I sell a player, I would like to see if he is good in his next club etc...

    It's reality and very good to see evolution of a player during his career.

    Thanks you

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    Very good ideas!!
    I wish Top Eleven could have better Player Stats too.
    Because it only shows the "Club Goal", I wish Top Eleven could at least add "Club assists"
    But "History" Tab is a better opption!!