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Thread: FAs Draw Format Top Eleven 2021

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    FAs Draw Format Top Eleven 2021

    With the idea to prevent Fixed draws and the abuse of the known margins, I'll try to share some draw variants that could make the competition more exciting and incidentally provide it of inner beauty..

    -Add a variable to face higher AvQ Assos once a group reach a winning streak of 5 Tournaments, moving the margin to +1* -like when we face +1Lv oppos on regular comps for promoting +100%-
    ***Only in the case when a Asso have 9*-8* players. Not needed 7* downard as it would stuck higher AvQ assos in the top if every star face a higher +1Level once in a while, it could retain a FA of lowerAvQ Level in a lower Ranking position ***

    -To prevent the use of the whole squad to avoid competing with equal oppos mixing (1* +9*), consideer the Asso as a whole, that needs to keep a similar Players AvQ rank.

    So do the draws by using only the "best player" used in the first week tournament by the 4 best Asso teams + maybe taking a oppo close in the ranking +100 -100 positions.

    We could have other formulas by Grouping Assos by Stars Power... like to a POT counting only the best player of 4 teams and adding all assos with a single 9* in the same Pot, soPot A 9* any asso with 9*s, Pot B 8*/ Pot C 7* / Pot D 6* and Pot E should be for 5* that could be the min' as IMO the players from 1% 79% should be obviated in the draw and consideered as 5* all.

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