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Thread: Friends Leagues prizes set by level

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    Friends Leagues prizes set by level

    The rewards that are similar items, with a different colour don't need really a constant refresh...

    Each Item could be linked to a level, (red level 1, blue level 2, green level 3..) and the reward can be individual based on the own level, that would advance by reaching the 1st league place.

    So lets say, Im, 2nd,L1 item 2nd place -red jersey
    5th -nothing
    3rd L1 reward as 3rd placed
    2nd again L1 reward as 2nd and
    1st = 1st placed L1 reward and, level 2 unlocked.

    Too the top 3 teams could, unlock a new level/reward.

    Another option is that the team with "best level" in that case, determines the competition rewards for all.
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