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Thread: Change the auction

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    Change the auction

    I believe top eleven should change the auction. Players 100% and above should be betting 8n one forum and 99% and below should be betting in a different auction. It's IMPOSSIBLE to compete with players that are basically buying whatever they want. It would level the playing field.

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    That would be difficult to implement. It does seem that the transfer market gives some an advantage but the trick is to be smart when you are looking for players. The busiest time for the European Managers is between 0800-2200hrs GMT. You should try to avoid those busiest times and you will stand a better chance of finding and buying the player you need.
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    I think the auction should have more players, currently there are only 15 every 4 minutes and most of them are 3 or 4 stars, generally I only see 3 to 7/8 5 star players, which are almost always biding 20 or 30 tokens, my suggestion is that we should have 30 or 50 players in each auction. This would probably decrease the amount of tokens to be given by a player (of lower quality), or at least we would have more purchase options. For example if there were 50 players, and among those we had 20 players of 5 stars and 15 of 4 stars and others 15 of 3 stars, coaches would have to search for more players (would spend more time), and there would be 20 chances (35 if search 4 stars players) every 4 minutes we buy some of the less targeted players for a smaller amount of tokens.
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