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Thread: Events Ideas - Magic Booster - Temporal SA

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    Events Ideas - Magic Booster - Temporal SA

    Lets try to share some ideas, maybe for future events... that IMO need a change of format/style... because are so repetitive and need to be more like a tactical/strategical challange.

    For example;
    -a Event like a KotH could have a Round where we have to play a cup and 2 teams would go to nect stage.
    -Opponent teams could be strategically/tactically better designed, in terms of skills/SAs and too, why not, oppo settings and Team Bonus could be visible, so we learn about tactics a bit if we know the opponent strategy. We could be able to read way better the match situation by having the Bot settings visible.

    -We have people with a big amount of red boosters, cause the injuries reduction, maybe we could convert these boosters in something more useful, like a Magic Booster. It could Heal a Injury and push XP gaining, or heal + recovery morele/condition, or, push the individual Training Bonuses of that player.

    -Events could have the Temporal 2nd SA experience┬┐? or the 2nd SAs, if can't be trained at all, could be temporal and last for 2 weeks... for example, somehow we could be able to add secondary SAs in the middle of the season, it should be something accessible but, to give like a boost to compete at the end of the season.


    -KotH with 1 free attempt per team/oppo we have and a Trophy is earned after 2 legs are played with the overall score. So would be practical.
    We could be in groups of 10, with 9 free attempts, to play during the whole day the matches vs each opponent. -so no 2 hours countdown-
    If a oppo don't attend/play the 2nd leg, then a walkover in our favour would happen, so only with 1 game played we could earn the trophy.

    If you guys have any idea regarding a Tour Improvement, any kind of posible format, strategic tour... feel free to comment.
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    I have an idea.

    Players are drawn into groups of 14.
    Everyday all 14 teams play a game each against another group of 14.
    The catch is players have to choose a player from each of the 14 teams in their group to form a team for the match.
    It will be randomly selected if player does not pick his 14 players.

    I was thinking it would be better if we could pick our own team mates like for friendly championship and the draws (deciding opponent groups) are based on quality as usual.
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