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Thread: Seasonal Tactical/Strategical team Developing Planning

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    Seasonal Tactical/Strategical team Developing Planning

    It is well known my position regarding the game margins, I guess.
    The game was designed in a way that in the earliest versions, the internal programming had more weight. You needed skills to find the right players that could be delevopen and make the differance.
    That's why some managers who time to time rebuilt teams adquiring 11 scouts many times complained, because this never was and still this isn't about the visual quality.
    Visual quality is just a parameter that should allow us to know the distances, but have no real value.

    So, there are few suggestions to bring back closer avq margins, and finish that period where the skills differance and the lack of control in the multiple existing manipulation options, by taking propit of the lack of skills limits.

    If we could face 120% teams vs +2 levels, promote teams that have a single 9*, and force skills to be 20% as min' on day 7 of the season, forcing the training, then we could reach a point where the real manager skills would matter.

    Because in real life you can't do tricks like set 1*s to play VS the Real Oviedo in Champions League, and no, trainings, don't convert a selected player in the best of the world. A player needs to have a predetermined talent and the conditions to reach a point where he can be the best of the world. Top Eleven, having internal skills that cover a way wider margin compared with visuals, and having the visual skills a slight impact on the internal skills, already creates this effect, like in real life, so.

    The scenario variables and the engine margins design don't create so much opportunities to see a real tactical expeirience, one that may be learned in a intuitive way and with the option to have our stamp.
    Those who followed my posts know very well that I consider this as a puzzle game, where the scenario variables can be affected by manipulating ratings.

    So, we need, once the proper fixes to bring back the old T11 essence are launched, a new way to impact the tactical variations, and this could be simulated by selecting a "Seasonal Tactical Planning".
    This means that at the very beginning of the season we would have to select between a limited amount of training plannings, and some of the Team Bonuses should be "Over Pushed" to create a determinant Impact and have a team with a real tactical Impact.

    White attributes could be part of this, so these could affect different attributes depending on the seasonal planning selected, even some skills could have a x3 without problems, if the 3 mentioned suggestions -promote 9*, min skills cap 20%, and 120% facing +2L- are implemented, with the new skills margins the effect that these changes can create can look so fair and well proportioned, between known margins, strategical settings/trainings (that IMO would need a deep design excercise, and ofc. ask us).

    IMO all AvQs should be achievable in a reasonable time, with effort, and the close margins and systemic changes should end with the manipulations.

    So, we could have, as mentioned, a STP -seasonal tactical planning- affecting different areas like:
    -White skills displaying/distribution
    -Team training bonuses, lines pushed until 30%
    -Individual Bonuses too, with a higher % cap till 30% Bonus

    And this is a sketch, to try to bring a deeper and visible impact of the tactics in the simulation, and a own club identity.

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    Tactical addition:

    Unlock a level 2 and 3 SA by pushing certain skills combination to X quality.
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