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Thread: My 16 ideas to Top Eleven get better

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    My 16 ideas for Top Eleven get better

    Hello everyone and Nordeus, in this text I will show a lot of improvements that would make of Top Eleven, absolutely a greater game, so follow:

    Firstly there's the changes in match, the changes within the pitch:

    1. Best animations
    Sometimes the ball goes into the crossbar and goes back to the off-net, and that's impossible physically, and new passes, new plays, new moves would be great for the game, I know that you cannot do 3D, but our 2D mode needs some improvements, just see FIFA 21, they have 2D animations too, you could base yours in theirs, Adding the referees, throw-in's, substitution animation, and showing the entire game and not only the highlights...

    2. Add-ons
    Some add-ons that would make the game more diverse, and would make more uses to tokens:
    - Personalized fans sound (one strange thing is that even when there's no fans in-match, there's still fans sound.)
    - Personalized ball to each tournament
    - Personalized pitch to each stadium: imagine, each stadium having a different mark, lawn or synthetic, maybe rains, watering the stadium, and etc...
    - Player jerseys: I have a red and white jersey, but in-match, it appears as only white, the jersey in-match should copy the colors and shapes of their jerseys.
    - Maybe replays to great goals
    - Perhaps a narrator
    - Only MAYBE, VAR, to give more suspense to the game
    - New commemorations: when we win some tournament, there's not even a commemoration, neither of the players nor of the fans, there's nothing

    And now let's go to other features that could be improved.

    3. Match time standard: when we create a federation, we can choose when our match will be, why can't we do this but with our team? Putting a standard time to each tournament

    4. New events: such as a friendly cup, and not league, also a national event, competing only with people of our country, and etc

    5. More use to the money (cash), making things more expensive and players asking for salaries increases

    6. Nerf the boosters, to an equal game, nerf the boosters, of rests, morale, and treatment, make the limit to use them 10 a day, or 20, that would be your decision, because they (the boosters) are too "strong", how could a normal player beat a player that watch 20 ads a day and spend all of them to have an invencible team, I think that demotivates the normal players that don't have time to watch 20 freaking ads a day! It would be physically impossible for a real-life player train 100 drills even with a great physiocentre

    7. New options of personalize emblems would be great

    8. There should be league relegation, why there's not?

    9. You should as well remove or stop adding the inactive teams in the tournaments, it's really boring when I win the league, but because there was no one playing in that league

    10. Big federations tournaments would be great, imagine, a cup of 16 federations, or league of 14 federations fighting to win, of course, that tournament would last many seasons, but they would be fun and cool

    11. I think cash should be used to buy players, tokens would be only to personalize the team, such as buying fans sound, jerseys, emblems, pitch shape and etc. And if you really want to be a great game and not a pay-to-win game, it should be impossible to buy cash, the thing that most would strengthen one's team should be the pass, as a form for Nordeus earn money.

    12. Unhappy players asking to leave the team

    13. New thophies to the current competitions

    14. More drills, more abilities

    • And finally, the greatest changes to me, that would change the game completely.

    15. The players don't get weaker every season, but they get weaker as they are getting older, they tire earlier, and cannot train, and there would be a limit to use rest boosters a day, so there wouldn't be 8 stars players all around, so to me, getting weaker with the age would be much, much better.

    16. New tactics to the game, it would make the game hugely more competitive, new tactics, such as a player told to mark or tackle a determined player of the adversary team. New tactics, such as a extreme backward team, a team that only wants to counter-attack, and other things, Nordeus and their staff would define it.

    I know that Nordeus has a lot of money and can improve the game greatly, if they want, of the form they want, and here I gave some ideas of changes, thanks for reading it, sorry for any mistakes (English is not my native language), And bye. 😁
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