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Thread: Autosell V.2 - Economical Players Investment Targets

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    Autosell V.2 - Economical Players Investment Targets

    Let's say we have a new Selling option, based in Sell a player after 3,7, 14 days or or end season selling.

    Let's say that we can, select a period to "autosell the player" for a higher value "if" the player reach a target, so this would rise the other club interest and this will pay more for the player.

    So In 3 days if the player scores or assist x3 = autosell give us the 15% more of the value

    7 days = 10 goals/assists we get the +30% of the value

    14 days = 18 goals/assists -sum- the +50%

    and for the final season auto selling we could earn a 80%+

    This would rise the bussiness interest and improve the economical part of the game.
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