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Thread: Need some help in my 2th season

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    Need some help in my 2th season

    Hello guys, last season i finished really good and i ascend to lvl 2 league, all stars go down so i have to sign some players but i dont have much money, maybe my objetive is finish in the middle of the table in LEAGUE, but need some help, can u give me some tips and answer some questions?

    1- Im playing right now 4 5 1 with 3 CM, but im not sure about change this formation to 4 4 2, what u guys think? can u help me with the instructions? I feel i dont create much chances for my ST.

    2- What should i focus on? i mean i have good start team but really really bad substitutes players, should i try to sign better substitutes players on sign players for improve my start team?

    3- Tomorrow i will have 2 players for my academy lvl 4, how should i train the free guy so he can improve a lot? should i keep him or sold him without training or sold him when i finish his training? I have like 100+ rests.

    4- How people do with the money? i need like 6 days for get 1M

    Thanks for read it and answer it, if u wanna give me more tips i really need it. Sorry for my english its not my main lenguage.
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    Hi fellow manager

    There are so many previous threads by many experienced managers sharing their hard-learned lessons. You could locate them with some effort there.

    Written a few threads for new managers on these, so please feel free to refer to them if interested. Experienced managers would find them too obvious, though new starters may find it easier to understand with some rationale and explanations without too much jargons.

    Packs management

    Squad/Fund/T consideration

    Fund management + match control via squad building

    With your questions:
    1) 4-5v-1 or 4-3m-2w-1 can easily be switched with 1 midfielder being a MC/DMC. Can also revert to 4-4-2 with only 1 substitution of ST replacing MC if both ML & MR can also play AML & AMR, or even play like 3 STs just outside the ST region. These possible in-game changes without substitutions have to be pre-planned when we are bidding for players

    Different orders are needed to counter opponent’s. This is something we all need to learn via trying and testing.

    Main scorers could be easier with AMs (1v1 - or even better for AMC vs no DMC, or strong winger vs poorly-positioned full-backs) as ST typically are outnumbered by more DCs. Position of ST, for me, is to interfere with opposition defenders’ involvement to create even more space for AMs to score.

    2) For new managers until level 4-5, lack of fund is a huge issue. It is a must to take the daily 15 non-savable ads for money until enough funds are saved up for required players purchase. Only exception is last few to 7 days of each season should have those 15 ads spared for red packs to pre-accumulate some 120+ reds in anticipation of following season’s injuries.

    Sign all those free 18yo youths from academy, and even the extra costs a few Ts. At worst they can play as back-ups to save greens. With properly focused training, 66% & 58% will become 80%+ and 70%+ easily by end of season, which can be sold and each set of fund would be enough to buy a 21yo 75%+ player in the following season - winning CL final prize and top of league helps a lot. Special sponsor’s free-player 12th academy coach prize can improve 1 of the 65% to 75%+, which means a 18yo 90% player by end of season - performing really well with low greys then can consider keeping to powertrain as a 19yo to use till 25yo (if budget allows keeping him); at worst sold with a very healthy budget for next season
    (90%+ players can be auctioned at max possible price; 80%+ need to lower by 2 clicks; 70%+ by 4 clicks; 60%+ by 7 clicks; 60%- just sell immediately)

    3) Hard-earned rests should really be reserved for the best 18yo FTs only, especially for new managers who will be doing very well to save up to 600+ for another new season. Properly training up the best FTs with key whites from 95% to a 125% player would easily cost 150-180 greens. Only spend when that certain player would play every single match for your team until 25yo or beyond.

    4) Nice that you are using all 15 non-savable ads for money. May switch to reds if you have not saved up 120+. Keep getting money otherwise.

    Hope that helps.