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Thread: Manager Chatting

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    Manager Chatting

    It would really be nice to be able to chat with other managers. I have made friends who support me and I support them but I can't talk to them, neither have I had success finding them on Facebook. A little bantering between hot rivals would be fun too. I understand Top Eleven may not want to deal with censoring chats but I played a different game (not soccer related) that addressed the issue very well. They had a list of pre-written messages you could send to your opponent. Options were like "Well played", "GG", etc. Could we have a similar system for this game between managers outside the association? Anything would be better than nothing! I feel it could make many more managers make friends in the game which results in them being more interested and engaged which ultimately leads to Nordeus's profit. For example, State of Survival is a game that I (and others confessed the same) played much longer than intended, even though the game sucked, because of the friends made in the game. This could probably help boost morale of managers with poor seasons as well. Association chats are cool, but with a limit of 6 you do just need to happen to land in a very active association, otherwise it is very limited. Please, please, please let us talk with our rivals and friends even if it is limited to selecting a message to send from a list of pre-written messages.
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    I agree with you. I too would like to be able to talk to my fellow managers.

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    I agree, we are desperately lacking a sense of community and creating the ability to engage and communicate with one another would be a positive step forward.
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