So, we need to get rid of the Top 100 and do a redesign of the feature allowing more flexibility, a direct impact between our friends associations and keeping a fair punctuation system.

Some suggestions,
We could play leagues with 7 FAs. where the best 4 play a last playoff stage in the last weekend.

We could, make it open as the FC, so have a league with 14 FAs.

The sum of quality of all teams would unlock certain reward levels -in tokens terms.

and then if we want a new ranking, to be fair we could base it in the own reputation pointing system coming from our own FA and then a value coming from the own tournament reputation.

The current manipulations never count the "weekend tournament difficulty" giving points coming from this source, and thats why we have so many teams setting 1* to have easy oppos, we could end this by dividing the pointing system in 2 parts, the current WDL + 50-25-10 coming from points and position would be the 50% of the points and then the other 50% could come from the Reputation of the involved teams.

So we have 2 suggestions here, FAs kinda like a FC competition, with our capacity to invite friends associations and, a improvement for the current system to give the proper value for a fair ranking keeping the current FAs -broken, manipulable etc- feature.