Right now the calculations for the benefits coming from that source are calculated quite automatically... depending on the stadium capacity and a etc.

I think that the game could add some new items coming from that source, scarves, flags, and even players "cards"... I remember the stickers album and somehow many managers always asked to retain old players somewhere inside the game, so we could have a feature where to keep the player profiles as cards to complete a stickers album each season, so we could keep our history and maybe this could add a plus to the merchansaising benefits, like, a extra if last season we sold a card with a player that scored 500+ goals or played 500 games.
Ofc. regarding the stickers album, it could be just simple as to keep a seasonal team album, and it would be perfect.
Maybe the merchandaising -scarves, flags etc- could give us benefits as visitor team or in neutral grouns when we play finals.