Hi. I don't know if someone read this but I started playing last month, I bought premium last month and didn't achieve all prizes. I thought that it must be because I started in the middle of the month and there were missions missing. I bought again this month and for my surprise I counted all mission points and it gives 1815. To get full prizes I need 1790. This means that I buy something to be disappointed and don't get full prizes. All other games I play there's a similar system, but they make it comfortable, not easy but not so hard. This month there's a mission to get the 9th or 10th star of a player. Come on guys, it's impossible to a new player achieve that and like me others can be disappointed and never buy again. There's no sense for me to buy if I can't get all prizes even if I play 24hs everyday. You can't make it so hard, one mission I can't do I lost the big prize. So unfair