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Thread: Find a solution for server Top Levels!

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    Find a solution for server Top Levels!

    Dear Nordeus, with your last update you connected the only good feature of the game - FA tournaments - to the league performance! Instead of filling the game with useless visual features, please, finally find a solution and fix a top level problem!

    It is not possible to keep playing with my 100-110% team from season to season with just the same opponents who are 160-180%+, at the same time repeating the same level without losing -20%. More and more managers are coming to top levels of their servers, the problem has been discussed so many times but you pretend like not to notice it. Is it because there is no profit for you in solving this?

    I know this post will be ignored just as usual, but still wanted to share it once again. As they can not request from us good performance in our league for FA sake without creating proper challenge conditions

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    We could try to find the lowest top server level... and assure at least a x1 points bonus even without promotion, to allow playability...lets say from level 70+ ... this could be a easy solution.