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Thread: Association match live score updates

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    Association match live score updates

    There is an 'FA' button in Association matches that allows players to see the scores of the other matches in their Association. This is a good thing.

    There are also 'live' update flashes that appear every time any goal is scored in any of the other matches. This is a VERY BAD THING!
    Why? Because these flashes are unnecessary, they have a tendency to arrive just as the match action moves to the bottom right corner, thus obscuring it, and post-match, obscuring the stats as I'm trying to read them, and other than tapping on the arrow to remove them, which seems to take an age, there's no way to turn them off.
    There may be some crazy people out there that actually like this 'feature'. If so, by all means, keep it. But for the rest of us, PLEASE, PLEASE make it optional as it's driving me mad!

    Thank you.
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    its not that bad to be fair. I'd rather Nordeus fix an actual problem, because even if you don't see a tiny bit of the action, the result will be the same. Plus nordeus probs accept 1/1000 of our requests so might as well make it useful..