Nordeus is always trying to make this game more money for several years.

Nordeus can only think, without listening reports, how to take money from gamers.

Nordeus is trying to make this game 'Pay to Win' type. The more money the gamer earn, the more winning their non-logic football game.

Now, some official teams (Real Madrid, PSG and Liverpool) left from the Nordeus and the gamers cannot buy and get official logos (except from Porto FC). By the way, we don't know when Porto FC would leave from this game.

So, Nordeus are later trying to create their own logos and items to sell and make money. Moreover, they create some payment events every season.

To conclude, gamers should play this game very simply i.e NEVER buy any items or premium lock with REAL money. TE is just an online game, and the gamers should not follow their money trickers or events. The gamers should not pay real money to Nordeus.

Nordeus will never be deserved to term ''World best online Game'' and TE will also never be improved in the future cos Nordeus department never takes any responsibilitis upon gamers and they are always thinking how to make money for them.
Lack of official items!!-screenshot_20220907-142404_1.jpgLack of official items!!-screenshot_20220907-142428_1.jpg

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