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Thread: The approval of the friendship games

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    The approval of the friendship games

    I think friendship games should need approve bye both two teams. But the actual is one-sided demand. One of our friends want to arrange a friendship games and you have no choice to stop it if you aren't online. That's a big problem if the user have a serious games, because the condition of players is running.

    My suggestion is: All users should have a main option against friendly games. That should be "Yes, I let all my friends for friendly games, except ...." or "No, don't let to anyone to arrange friendly games" etc.

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    Every 2/3 days there is a new post about friendlies and there current status, The answer is you can only block friendlies if you remove them from your friend list, and if they are one of your facebook friends, you have to remove them from friends list on facebook. This is a major problem on top eleven with friendly matches and it has been for sometime, if managers can accept/decline negotiations, why can't they do it with friendlies?
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