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Thread: FCBayern München (Spanish team)

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    FCBayern München (Spanish team)


    Youtube Channel:

    Twitter: @FCBayern_Top11 -obsolete 4 now -

    Last news: see the last page

    02 CUPS TO DECORATE THE BATHROOM - season 6 and 60 -


    Khris (season 1 to... actual (by default))

    Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink (dont remember till actual lol)

    Economic advisor:
    John Smith (season 1 to 24 day 4)
    actual: Jamie Rees

    Member of the oficial Managers Asociation
    yeah,with one "f" and one "s". LOL

    Club slogans and coach mythic phrases

    "Our players are the only players with Q. G.,
    Quality Guarantee."

    "Bayespresso, what else?"

    "Yes, you have 19 years and you are a fast trainer, congrats because you have a sack of cones,
    but if your grandpapa scores more than you, I stay with him, kid."
    Motivational phrases."

    "Welcome. Now score." LOL

    "Wilson noo!! why Wilson why!! you had the goal 1 meter of yooou Wilson!
    why you pass the ball to the goalkeeper Wilson!!


    ----------------FCBayern München----------------

    "Our players are the only players with Q. G.,
    Quality Guarantee."

    Bayespresso, what else?

    Wellcome to the official page of FCBayern München
    Willkommen auf der offiziellen Website von FCBayern München

    Foundation/Gründung: 27/01/2013
    Level/Ebene: 18

    Propietary of/Eigentum von: Khris
    Budget for season/Budget für die Saison: 17.00-0,000,0 euros (176 milions of tokens) during season 5-10, now budget is "0".

    10-10--12th ....1/2 season used to train.
    11-10--11th season will be used to train too.

    14-12-9th (tanking)
    15-12-12th (tanking)
    18-14- 1ST
    19-15- ? tanking now..
    22-15-tanking and after 4 seasons Cocu will have the 9*
    23-15-1ST in a level 16 League
    24-16- 1ST
    25-17 Tank 10º
    26-17-Tank 8º
    27-17- 1ST
    28-18 Tank 9º
    29 -18 Tank 13º
    30 -18 -Tank 9º
    31-18- Tank 18º

    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-10-copas.png

    4---1/8 FINAL
    7---1/4 FINAL
    9---WINNER 2-3 against LEO FC (friend)
    10-10--WINNER 0-3 against dekoonig ll ITA
    11-10--Not clasificated
    12-10--Not Clasificated
    13-11--WINNER 1-3 against Göztepe TUR
    14-12--WINNER 0-3 against Galatasaray TUR
    15-12--Not Clasificated
    16-12-Not Clasificated
    17-13-WINNER 1-1 against Engin FC TUR
    18-14-WINNER 1-5 against Thunder FC VIE
    19-15- WINNER 1-1 (4-2 penalties) against Nd3k FC INDONESIA
    33-19- WINNER in a L20 Champions League 2-3

    1---2ND ROUND
    2---3RD ROUND
    3---2ND ROUND
    4---1ST ROUND
    6---WINNER vs VAYU FC THA Goals: Ribéry (Edeso) 52' , Saig (Edeso) 90'
    7---3RD ROUND
    9---3RD ROUND
    10-10--2ND ROUND
    11-10--2ND ROUND
    12-10--1rd round
    13-11--2nd round
    14-12-2nd round
    15-12-1rd round
    17-13-SEMIFINAL Cup L16
    18-14-SEMIFINAL Cup L16

    ------------------------------------STRATEGY AND TEAM PHILOSOPHY--------------------------------------

    Well, I writte that, after 14 seasons playing, with 7 Leagues, 4 Champions Leagues, and 1 cup owned.
    I like to play, in light mode, without stress, without be every day here, looking the team, and, trying to obtain the 100% of the game.

    So, when I started, I remembered my experience in the Fifa, I have some of these games for the Playstation, and, I always, bought the faster players.
    -So, FCBayern München, works first to train the speed, and resistance of our players.
    I think that enhance the physical section first, it is right to enhance other skills and, the hidden skills % that players have.

    The second thing, is that I like to play with a 4-3-3 always.
    Thats because I like to have lots of players in the different lines, and too I like to change my players names.
    Like everybody I have my own favourite players.
    4-3-3 is good for me because it's so easy to find players, simply 3 MC, 3 ST... and DR, DL and 2 DC. That simple.
    So, I have usually, 22 players, 2 teams of 4-3-3, 6 ST, 6MC and 2 players per defense position, so, I think that's good, because I when you have 6 ST for sure, you can see the difference, in my case, always, 1 works in superb level, and the ther 3-4 score in a regular form. 1-2 maybe, have bad statistics.
    The same with the 6 MC's, you can see very easy the differance.
    Is very interesting to prove all ST's, MC's, DC's in different position, in right of the attack, left, or centre.
    As I say always, I see this game as something programmed, and I think every player have a default position, and some positions with a penalty in the statistics.

    -Too I've seen, that, when a player is good, is good always. Only in the case that a good player, start playing bad, is because something happen, because all players that play well,a re programmed, to play well when they have some skills at one level respect to the other skills. That's called, programming.
    For example, my old (and loved, cos I miss him) Edgar Davids, played well, with a % of 5* in the attack skills.
    And, Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink, my better player now, was working bad some matches, and, thats because the difference in the defense habilities is so high. I trained defense, (defense have "grip of the ball" and too "placement" skills, and I think, that the 1st is very important in his case, to control the ball).

    The idea is, that, you see names of players during the match. If one name, (if a player) do nothing in 50 minutes, change it. Starting for MC - ST, that depend of you, I usually start for MC.
    If, a ST, in 50 minutes shoot, 1,2,3,4 times and fail all, change this player (yeah, in this case, I've to see the name)
    the 3rd change, is for an unexpected surprise, or, to put near the minute 75' a ST (MC in second case), that know that, will score.

    -Our youngs.
    I have to say, that our players from the academy, are excellent. Loyal, and with good %.
    Is not difficult to obtain a younger with 3-4 stars playing well, like a 6* player or, a 7-8* bad programmed player. (like Cissé, I repeat, ST that, did "3" goals in 26 matches, he had 7* near 8..or 8¿?..-.-' well...)

    -mentality offensive/very defensive...never very attacking.
    -mixed passing/ to right-left side
    -pressure in all the field
    -normal tackling
    -mixed/long passing
    -zonal marking always, man to man is very specific.
    -counter attack and off side active always.

    As you can see in the pics, I put always 2 blue arrows to the DC's and 8 red arrows for the other players.
    Arrows party! arrows party! (sing all the indians of far west...)

    ________________________________________MUSEUM____ ____________________________________
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-trophy-room-1.jpg

    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-trophy-room-2.jpg

    First Champions League
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-fase-final-liga-campeones-t8.jpg
    6' Ronaldinho
    33' Brighi
    51' Murray (Robben)
    57' Davids (RObben)
    67' Shevchenko

    Second Champions League
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-quadro-eliminatorias-t9-champions.jpg
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-final-3-2-victoria-t9-champions.jpg
    20' Bacher (Viscariello)
    49' Viscariello (Kurniawan)
    55' Brighi
    89' Brighi (Robben)
    112' Roberto Carlos (of Hesselink)

    Third Champions League
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-cuadro-t10-champions-league.jpg
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-final-champions-t10-0-3.jpg
    33' of Hesselink
    64' Klose (Brighi)
    75' Klose (of hesselink)

    Fourth Champions League
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-final-champions-t13-l11.jpg
    35' Klose
    54' Giggs
    60' Herrera (matos)
    82' Ferdinand (Klose)

    Fifth Champions League
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-t14-cl-cuadro-final.jpg
    4' Klose
    26' Zumalakarregui
    88' Klose

    *Thank's to Ronaldinho to score the goal in the 2nd semifinal match when I was ill with grippe, and can not attend the match. He was sold after this match.

    Sixth Champions League
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-t17-final-cl-cuadro.jpg
    81' Hasan Sas
    83' Kiyak
    Won on Penalties 5-6

    Seventh Champions League
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-cl-final.jpg
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-cl-final-1-5-2.jpg
    1' Overmars (Zé Roberto)
    40' Klose (Zumalakarregui)
    53' Zumalakarregui (Klose)
    79' Nostbakken (Overmars)
    85' Gorosito (Mora, foul)
    88' Zumalakarregui (Klose)

    Eight Champions League
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-t19-8th-cl-4-2-penalties.jpg

    19' S McNeil
    52' Hasan Sas
    Penalties of: Zé Roberto 1, Lehmann 2, Cocu X, Zumalakarregui 3, Cafú 4.

    ------------------------------THE SUPER CHACHY KELLOGG'S STADIUM-------------------------------

    The Super Chachy Kellogg's Stadium
    Lv10 season11
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-stadium-s11-level-10.jpg

    old lv9 season9
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-stadium-super-chachy-kelloggs-stadium.jpg


    Well, I changed some things in the orders that as my viewpoint say, changed in my form to play since some seasons ago.
    I added:
    Very defensive mentality
    + passing to right/left side
    + added mixed passing with the long passing.

    Because I belive that after 23 seasons his game is not a full of pre-simulated results. I think that during the match our decisions affect to the result.
    For example, if we change a player that don't appear during 70 minutes, for example, for another, can give a goal to us. All is based in to manage. This is my idea about this game and don't wanna change it. So I always played the game in this sense, in that we-have-to-manage.
    Thats why I belive in that the % of possession can change doning some changes in the orders.
    I had some experiences against better teams, that, scored 1st against me, and for 3 consecutive matches, I had a curious situation, and is that I changed mentality ofensive, to very defensive, the passing I used usually mixed, but changed to long, and the other option of passing that I have in mixed, I've changed to right side (focus right side?? well you know what I mean^^) and for 3 consecutive times, I changed a 0-1 against, and won the matches.
    Thats why after 23 seasons I start beliving in that we play matches in what I call "scenarios", in one maybe we will have a more aggressive team, and our work as managers will have to be, change the players with yellow cards, to don't play 10 vs 11 or so.
    In other scenarios, after be winning 10 matches, we will face a team, of the middle table, and, this will be like more aggressive/effective, so, as I've said, we-have -to-manage this situation.
    Probably the better option to have more chances of winning a match, is 1st, change the orders if we see that the other team dominate, and as 2nd, change the players that don't appear in the commentaries during the 1st half or a little more.

    And thats what I'will add for now.

    Too just about the philosophy of the team;
    I've writted that there are lots of forms to win a League or a Cup more easy, too depending of the country we live, we can have Tokens per videos, more greens, maybe we like to spend real money, or we like to-as I do- play light, and tank 2 seasons and play 2 like I usually do.

    I will say that I don't like to buy a player, and sel it at the end of the season to decrease my Quality, and have a more easy Cup the next season.... and you know, buy players again.
    In 23 seasons I never did it, my philosophy, 1st because as in my real life I'm a sensitive person, and adore my players, think really that every one is "unique", and too, my idea, always, is to manage, with the knowledge that I have of every player.

    When I see that a player is good in a position, I like to keep this. For me is a risk, sell the player, and prove with a new, because always will play different, so I try to keep the best during all time I can, in every position. I like to see what can give me a player, and I like to belive in the player, not sell him like he is nothing for me.
    Now I don't buy tokens and my confidance, and viewpoint looking what do my players, is giving me good moments, so, I will not change my strategy.
    I know too, that after near 2 years playing the game is always the same, becomes a little bit boring, because "now I know what I have to do to obtain the better of my players, and of my team"... but for now I will be loyal to my ideas.

    PS: As a PS I will add that now I play with a 4-3-1-2 bacause I think that is more effective, I use simply a ST or MC as AMC.
    Too I will add that in my trainings I usually, train the young players that train fast, + 2-3-4 players that are in reserve and that don't matter if are injuried. I do that because if I have to have an injurie the game will select one of all the players that are training, so less chances to injurie the youngers that I wanna keep training.
    For me that, works.

    PS2 added too: I don't know if Ive said that, but I usually play only for League and Champions League. Only I fight for the Cup if I'm in the last rounds, this is the moment when I waste some $ saved and Tokens to, maybe buy a player that I need to fight for the treble.

    ---------------------------------------OUR SQUAD HISTORY-------------------------------------------------
    SEASON 3

    SEASON 4

    SEASON 5

    SEASON 6

    SEASON 7

    SEASON 8
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-equipo-t8.jpg
    SEASON 9
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-equipo.jpg
    SEASON 10
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-team-t10-antes-partido-ida-semis-champions.jpg
    SEASON 11

    SEASON 12

    SEASON 13
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-team-t13.jpg
    SEASON 14

    SEASON 15
    day 12/28 ...MC -Kim André Nostbakken
    Arjen Robben

    SEASON 16
    Out: Van Nistelrooy to rumburak

    SEASON 18
    Retired at the end:
    Ferdinand, Songo'o and Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink all with 32 years.
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-ekipo-final-t-18.jpg
    SEASON 19

    SEASON 20
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-end-t20.jpg


    SEASON 21

    ------------------------------------------------EXTRA (old posts)----------------------------------------------
    Well.. I adore my team, and after 9 months playing ... 5 leagues ... 2 finals of Champions League... and 3 finals of Cup...
    is the moment to put something here (^-^)

    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-escudo-equipacion.jpg
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-sala-trofeos-9.jpg
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	equipo.jpg 
Views:	2555 
Size:	91.9 KB 
ID:	12294
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-assistentes-t9-jor-19.jpg

    and the incredible Edgar Davids, one of my best players..
    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-temp-7-final-goleadores.jpg

    yeah, i like to see the name of Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink in the top, that's this season, ..and Edgar Davids, in the 7th season (^-^)

    Too I have to say, that my GK Oliver Kahn, loose the first final of the Champions League we played the 6th season, and won the second final, in the season 8, like the true Oliver Kahn (^.^)

    Well, here more today I will play the 20th match of league of this 9 season, and this is my stadium at now, the famous, the best, the stadium were all teams wanna play.... if it's possible 1 day in the life...

    The Super Chachy Kellogg's Stadium
    Lv10 season11
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	stadium s11 level 10.jpg 
Views:	2477 
Size:	72.0 KB 
ID:	14409

    old lv9 season9
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	stadium super chachy kellogg's stadium.jpg 
Views:	2465 
Size:	88.7 KB 
ID:	12302

    and for the next season... we are thinking in the new players...
    Oliver Kahn was our third GK, the first was Aydin Isik, and the second Onur Ay.

    Kahn was playing during lots of seasons 5 to 9, now, so... maybe is the moment for Santi Cañizares... or Jaques Songo'o..
    Too we need defenders... Mèxes? Nesta? Thuram?... we will see... another interesting names are Djibril Cissé (ST) and David Beckham (MC)...
    and now, a little bit of my tactic of training;
    here maybe, my best player for me...

    as you can see, have 5 stars of defense, and 5 of attacking, but near 9 stars of speed and resistance, 9 stars is (80) quality.
    This is a quality of all my team, you see 6 stars. But they run like a group of crazy guy's, that runs behind the last Vodka bottle of the universe.

    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-matteo-brighi.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FCBayern München (Spanish team)-t7-jor-9-goleadores.jpg   FCBayern München (Spanish team)-sala-trofeos-final-t10.jpg   FCBayern München (Spanish team)-t10-museo.jpg  
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    Love your team! Most impressive... (except the name of course... )
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    thank's .... but...-.-' I'm wondering how to put the images in big version.... all guy's here put big images and I upload them but are little.. and have to click under to see it well... do you know how Cat??

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    yeah,I tried using the large image and it makes the page take forever to load, because what you have to do is use an image repository site, like photobucket, and when you go to insert image, use the url that you get from the repository site.
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    mmmhh... ok, thank's xD will think in what to do coz really looks better in big, but... ......(-_-)' ..that's work
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    I think we have 2 feet in the final of Champions League (^-^)

    GSC O9 (M Radtke 86') 1-4 FCBayern München (Ronaldinho 1', Brighi 18', Shevchenko 53', Brighi 69' )

    FCBayern München (Spanish team)-semis-champions-ida-9t.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Harrison View Post
    Love your team! Most impressive... (except the name of course... )
    What should the name be? Bayer FCBayern München (Spanish team)-bayer.jpg
    (( ))
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    Anyone but Munich...

    Even Schalke!
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    Heyy xD Leverkussen is a great team too, and Schalke 04, and Dortmund too... well the truth is that all teams from germany are competitive, Mainz won a league too....
    ...but, Bayern München the best for me. Think that Dortmund exist's at now, because Bayern saves it to dissapear, like did with other 4 or 5 clubs of the Bundesliga

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    For me, I like German football, most teams, liga.2 included, nice to see Braunschweig up. But Munich is like... the New York Yankees... or the Detroit Red Wings. So easy to win with superstars.... Are you from Munich/Bavaria? Then I would understand I suppose.

    Für mich, ich mag deutschen Fußball, die meisten Teams, liga.2 enthalten, gut zu sehen, bis Braunschweig. Aber München ist wie ... die New York Yankees ... oder die Detroit Red Wings. So einfach, mit Superstars gewinnen .... Sind Sie aus München / Bayern? Dann würde ich verstehen, nehme ich an.
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