It's been some months since I wrote the last update so here we go again. I know it's basically not the end of the season today, but for us the season is pretty much over already and because I have a bit of time for an update today here in team showcase, I will go ahead.

Firstly the most important fact - We will now complete Level 74 with a very successful campaign and only 2 more levels currently separate us from top of my server, which stayed at 76 this season. So if everything goes as planned, 5 more seasons and we will be at top of the server in October for the first time.

This season we were able to collect 2 titles, the league and the cup.

Ronny FC (An average german Team)-screenshot_2020-05-21-play-top-eleven-football-manager-1-.jpg

This was actually the best cup I have ever played, winning every game on course for the title and really crushing some good opponents. In the second round for example we won vs a very good opponent, who beat us before many times, 14:1 on aggregate. It's the 4th cup title in the club career.

Ronny FC (An average german Team)-screenshot_2020-05-21-play-top-eleven-football-manager-2-.jpg

League was also easier than expected. We got drawn with 9 teams who didn't earn promotion last season and were therefor quite strong. With 123% at season start, we were only the 6th strongest side in the league but got off to a hot start nonetheless. Now at the end of the season though we are the strongest side in the league, also without investing a single green pack during the season, which is surprising.
It was a battle of 2 teams for a long time with our rival ARIZONA but at the end he made a few to many mistakes, even though he was the only team beating us so far in the campaign and we win League title number 26.

Ronny FC (An average german Team)-screenshot_2020-05-21-play-top-eleven-football-manager-4-.jpg

One more thing I want to mention here, the legend Georgi Asenov, mentioned in other posts here, was overtaken as the all-time leading goal scorer of the club by Cristian Díaz, who is now already at 481 career goals and arguably the best player ever to wear our shirt. He will be with our club for at least 2 more seasons and I hope he can score a lot more goals during these times.

So what are the plans for next season?

Not much really. Not a single player will be replaced, we will player another season with our current starting lineup which is quite strong at 136% right now and will only improve slightly on some of our players with a few rests. I assume we will be in a strong cup next season again and it will probably be tough winning another one of these, CL we might have chances after failing this season in the round of 16 to a very good manager of Arcas FC. League may also be tough with a one-time tanker awaiting, who is currently already at 137% for his level and will be our league rival.
Hope to update here soon again!