Mine is Offley United I have had the game for 2 months Joined 31st March 2015
Season 4 Level 4
Best Season level 2 P26 W25 D0 L1 PTS75
Top Goal Scorer ST Maarten Villan 65
Most Goals Scored by one player in a match ST Maarten Villan 6
Biggest Home win 17-0 v Yohan FC
Biggest Away Win 7-0 v FC ADLN
Most Apperances ST Maarten Villan 83
Season History
Level 1 7th (Joined Gameweek 21) Cup Preliminary Round Champions League did not qualify
Level 2 League 1st Cup 1st Champions League did not qualify
Level 3 League 1st Cup premilary round Champions League 1st
Level 4 in progress
Longest serving player GK Warren Bloomfield 31st March 2015
Highest Rated Player Antonio Srom 5 star 36
Lowest Rated player Roman Spilden 2 star 23
This was made Level 4 gameweek 1
Club Legends
Warren Bloomfield GK-3 star
Warren Bloomfield was in my squad when I started he was 4 star and he has the saving penalty ability he had a nice first season but his 2nd season was his best season he started off as a 3 star 19 and ended as a 5 star 25 great +6 improvement Level 3 was not his best season at the beginning he started loads but after Jimmy Corthanwaite Joined he was on the bench but he did play a friendly where I gave all the players who never start a chance in a 10-0 win over the alias
Wibsiono Nughoro MR-3 star
I decided to sign him when he was 5 star off the transfer market it payed off Nughoro taken a while to score soon Nughoro became 6 star like Villan and his first goal was against segamanni united in an away friendly which Offley United won 1-0 the next season I took Nughoro a while to open his Level 2 scoring account but when he did he scored regularly he scored twice in a 3-1 win over Del Berkir in a cup play off match in level 3 he was performing very well and was a regular scorer but he got injured at a stage near the end he got replaced by a 5 star Guastavo Diaz
David Bellete ML-3 star
David Bellete wasn't at the club for long but made history after being a regular scored he scored a header in the 88th minute from a corner he made history and won the Champions League for Offley United later he won the League knowing they needed a win he scored the 3rd in a 3-1 over Mineo and Matt FC needed to win by loads of goals to win the League they lost 1-0 to Costa FC.
Cieran Donaldson DL-2 star
He probably won't have much of a future left but Cieran Donaldson is a legend he joined in season 2 where he was only 3 star but very close to 4 beacuse most of the players weakened so I signed him his first appearance was a cup match a 3-0 win against Gbails2002 Donaldson played very well after a while Donaldson became a regular scored surprisingly he scored twice in a 3-0 win over jaime fc which we lost the 1st leg 2-0 in the 3rd season Donaldson was a regular starter until Antonio Srom arrived a 5 star who later became 6 star.
Maarten Villan ST-4 star
Maarten Villan was bought off the scout list and he scored his first goal which isn't counted in his goals in his first in a friendly in a 1-1 draw with AFC which Offley United won on penalties he only scored 1 goal in the League in his first season but he was on fire the next season he was named the captain last season which he still is now Villan helped Offley United win the League and Cup he was the League's top scorer and scored a penalty in extra time to beat INTERSANI FC in a 1-0 win in League Level 3 he played very well he scored a lot of hat tricks and he was mainly seen scoring 6 goals in a 17-0 win over Yohan FC and helped Offley United win the League and the Champions League he was a key part against Frency FC winning 3-2 on aggregate in the quarter final of the Champions League he is still a starter today the only player from Level 1 still in the starting squad.
AFC- they are rivals in friendlies playing against each other since level 1 the first match was 1-1 Offley United won on penalties the second AFC won 2-0 the 3rd Offley United won 5-0 the 4th AFC won 3-0 and after that Offley United have won all the matches
Bahr- a team who was always in the same league but this season can't be they joined a day after Offley United replacing mikey fc Offley United won the first match 3-2 by luck after a 6-0 win Offley United won 3-2 again but AET this time but after that Offley United won 2 3-1s and a 3-0 a 6-0 and a 9-0
FC Tivoli-in Level 2 and 3 both times came second by 2 points it started at a bid which I won and I friended him I played a friendly against him and lost 2-0 afterward we played in the League I won 3-1 and he was the only team to beat me in the League he won 2-0 and I played him twice again in level 3 one I won 2-1 away and lost 2-1 at home
Matt FC - In competition all season but he slipped up to come 3rd he beat me 2-1 firstly then I played in a friendly Villan scored a penalty in a 1-0 and I beat him 3-0 in the League
Ca Rafaga-
I never expect playing and never knew how good his team was he came 4th I won and lost 3-2 against him this season I dominated both games though that's my clubs 2 month history