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Thread: CR FC (not that CR, no.)

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    CR FC (not that CR, no.)

    I wanted to make a thread for a team I have had for awhile; it only wins in League, and not that often, but I have never spent any money on it, so I still think it a good team.. I won't regularly update this like my other team's thread, but only when CR has had a good season..

    I have fun with it, anyway.

    CR FC (not that CR, no.)-cr1.jpg
    No losses (draws, oh yeah) in League, I wonder if the troll will get me yet this season..

    CR FC (not that CR, no.)-cr2.jpg

    I have to admit this season I have been only semi active with this team, I bet the others in my League hate me.

    CR FC (not that CR, no.)-cr3.jpg

    Same formation and orders all season... yep.

    CR FC (not that CR, no.)-cr-tr.jpg
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    The graphic of the seasons is a little bit like Bayern's graphic, up&down mode