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Thread: FC Barneey {Hungarian Team}

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    FC Barneey {Hungarian Team}

    Hey, guys! I think it's time to show you my team!
    FC Barneey

    Level 6 - Season 6
    Team openned on 8th January, 2013

    First of all, I have to talk about the logo's and the kit's colors. Everywhere, where I have to choose a pair of colors, I choose these ones. Black and orange. I use these all around me! My racket (I'm playing badminton), my room (it looks so good with orange walls and black shelves) and my background, my favorite animal (tiger). Anyways guys, it's my team (after going up to level 6) and I hope it will be much better...

    The logo and the kit:

    My starting 11:

    Give a star for every player... (Level up)


    Things that you have to know:

    Old team, old fans

    I'm a pro with this "bad" team, because I've earned some trophies:

    I've earned every kind of trophies of league composition that I could.

    Guys, I hope you'll see a nice team here SOON, because this team is a big pack of s***...
    But I have to say that also, I've never bought tokens, and I will not!!!
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