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Thread: Youtube Channels - Video Tutorials, TE related channels

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    Youtube Channels - Video Tutorials, TE related channels

    This thread has been created to add a Index of different Youtube Channels and content creators.
    The idea is that you can open a own Thread Promoting your channel and content you have, inside the Team Showcase Subforum -it may be moved in a future if we have a different forum format with new specific subforums-.

    You can create a thread with the starting post containing the information about you and your channel, and containing a Index of the videos you share in the replies of the same thread with the post # so we will be able to check out how the navigation works like this, keeping the content in a single thread instead flooding the forum.

    If the channels have 2-3 specific areas, we could allow 2-3 threads per channel to spare the content -like, my games played, tutorials, and contests content, each one in a different thread for a easy search and too navigation/non forum flooding.

    Feel free to ask if you want a banner added inside this thread redirecting to your channel and relative forum thread.
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