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Thread: Experimental Tournaments -different formats to play-

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    Experimental Tournaments -different formats to play-

    Here I'll share a bit about the different competitions and mini Games we played, I will add too new formats to be used. So to give the administrators different options.

    Tekken Format
    Combat mode where we play for 1 point per Game.
    2 points are needed to win the round and defeat the opponent so we play 3 matches Max. alternating the field.
    We simulate that the classic bar life of each player, have a size of 3 goals, so if a participant scores his 3rd goal in the match, means that he finished the opponent life bar, so the point is given.
    If, the match ends 1-0, 2-0, 2-1 in the 90', the point is awarded to the winner too. If, there is a 0-0, 1-1, 2-2 then the ET or Pks decide Who wins the point.

    Squid Games Roleplay
    We simulated the serie challanges by adapting them to the top eleven Game

    Green light Red light
    We paired the participants, they needed to achieve an amount of tackles in 3-5 matches, so to simulate that they crossed the entire field. If a Red card was given, the player was Eliminated. Of course by pairing the managers they had the chance to try different strategy modes...

    The Rope
    We did teams of 5 managers, the local team defended the score so only away goals counted, and local team had to try to defend the own goal and try to injury the opponent to finish the match automatically.
    The away goals counted as strenght and in each 5vs5 only one team could win.

    The Hot Potato -explosive potato
    We listed the managers, a explosive potato was added to the first manager or the last manager of the list.
    We played only during 45' and the manager who carry the potato play as local team needing a win at half time to pass the potato to another manager. After the end of the 3rd turn the manager with the potato is eliminated.

    The Squid Game
    Basically here each manager had to kill the other by injuring the opponent, or, push him out of the game area (a big squid) so by earning red cards and yellow cards (the more reds/yellows = the more strenght usedto push so the player with more cards would win).

    To edit**

    Sink the Float -various versions-
    Here we play a 3vs3 mini game on a board of 10x10 slots, each team places 5-7 ships of different sizes and we play turn by turn.
    Each manager can launch an attack per turn, can reach water or impact a ship, so then to destroy the ship a match is needed and to sink it the attacker need to score as much goals as slots has the impacted ship.

    We can have a all vs all, with 9 players for example, so we give a area of 4x4 to all participants to place a 3x1 ship. Then, with a random draw we assign a number that is the player board 4x4 position inside a 12x12 board where all the players are placed, so, each participant only know where is his 4x4 area and have to launch attack to destroy the opponents.

    Robbery of slots- basically if a participant sink a ship steals his slots. we eliminate players with 0 slots and we should have a final between big ships.

    Battle Royale
    Here we play a League with 14-18 or more teams, the table have a Elimination Zone, that covers more positions from the bottom as the rounds are being played and we advance, the league will last for 12-14 rounds and every 2-3 days, we will eliminate teams that are inside the elimination zone and that didn't earn a minium of wins/points in the last 1-2 calendar rounds

    Realistic League Career Mode/- with different % in each team,, lose or win positions at the table during the season would add or lower the next season Available AvQ,
    In this game mode we replicate a realistic league where the teams have different AvQ available. 1st to 4th could play 124,9% and then we reduce a 4% avq per group of 4 teams so 5th-8th 9th12th etc at the end of the season depending on the positions won, teams would gain or lose avq margin available.

    Negative Points league like the old Spanish Liga
    Here the away points have more value, check the format**
    If Im right, Local team: win 2 points draw 1 point defeat -2 points? // away team: win 4 points? draw +2 points? defeat +0 points

    Progressive Quality tournament -
    Here we would start all 114,9% and each win earned would allow the managers to play +1%
    or, for each earned point, a 0'3% so a win would increase a 0'9% the margin┬┐?
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    Paris Cup -Test
    Here we allowed x3 quality ranks
    113,9 / 117,9 / 122,9
    Rank 1 allowed 1% players in the 11 nd x1 200%
    Rank 2 did not allow 1%s but allowed x1 200%
    rank 3 allowed 11 players from 2% to 199,9%

    Season 168 test
    Here we will try 2 parameters,
    managers allowed to use x1 1% player and x1 200% will play 110,9% (or, -12% from the parameter 2)
    managers that don't use 1% player will be allowed to use x2 200% players and will play +12% from the parameter 1

    Ive been thinking that could be interesting add a new rule, to jump over the main avq restriction, so, if both managers, fit in the same criteria, they may be allowed to agree a higher or lower quality to play, always keeping a distance between their teams (ex. a 2% of avq distance between teams like 130,9% vs a 128,3% ) always wih mutual agreement.