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Thread: what a joke

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    what a joke

    playing teams with 1-2 star players (crap stats to go with it) playing in wrong positions and yet opponents play as if they are 5 star+, it is a fkin joke.

    no way would a pay bonus for winning increase chances so much (if they have been using them)

    i know im going to get the regular response 'dont like it go play something else' comment
    my team is 3+ (better stats according to position, def = high def/phys stats than attacking etc..)

    played one game where all the opp had was 1 star players, in wrong positions and crap stats but yet again played as if they 5+, it is bloody ridiculous.

    i am only a casual play of this game but this is so annoying, yes underdogs do occasionally get the victory but in this new season it has been 4 out of 5 matches it has happened.


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    well said

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    It seems to be a regular occurrence this season where very poor teams or even illegal formations are doing FAR better than they should do.

    Obviously this can happen in real life, but you never see a team from the lower divisions going on to win the FA Cup for e.g. Nord have obviously tweaked the engine somewhat to make life a lot harder for anyone who actually plays the game! Not watching your games or caring where your players play seem to be the order of the day judging by what people have written on the forums lately.

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    Got tissues?