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Thread: How can this be possible :o ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sxrenity View Post
    You did not get nearly every other posters' points, he's bought tokens, it's not hard to upgrade your stadium to the level, or buy players with SA, like someone else mentioned, they look like scouts from level 1.

    His facilities are nothing compared to some I saw at level 2/3, some managers had theirs maxed out.
    pmsl there is a point to this thread !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flinger View Post
    You did not get the OP's point.

    The guy is, aparently, Level 2. I'm level 3 and have a 3* Team with 22 Average Quality. The guy has a 2* team with Average quality 28??? For level 2, 28 AQ is not 2*, is way better than that.

    Also his stadium doesn't look anything remote to a level 2, specially for someone who joined 3 weeks ago. Maybe some sort of bug on the player's data?

    EDIT: Or are the stars of the team's quality calculated on the manager level of the person seeing the profile, in this case, the OP?
    I'm lvl 5 and my team worth 27M and have 2* with 29 average quality.

    Some say that he's a tokens buyer, may be he is may be he's not

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