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Thread: Racial Prejudice

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    Racial Prejudice

    I'm surprised to find on a global forum racial prejudice from [redacted] I'm all for a bit of fun or banter as many of you are aware, If I make a insensitive post , I have always apologized . I have reported this incident. and I'm seriously thinking of becoming an inactive member thanks to this prejudice. ( some of you may go woo at this point ) but seriously, It's just not on guys. so until I hear from a moderator from my report I will not be active
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    There are some people on here who like to be abusive. I must admit in my silly Leddy posts I do use race stereo types in names, but its all in good childish fun. I am afraid though most forums mirror life where you get peeps saying horrible things, yet they are the wankers not you.
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    You need to be more thick skinned. I get racist stuff said to me in the real world and I just take it... But leaving because of it? You're letting him win.
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    I hate to say things like this, but this is the internet, the land of smacktalk ... which is unfortunate. People who turn around and call others all names under the sun on here probably wouldn't say boo to a goose IRL.

    Personally, ignore the derogatory terms thrown at you (unless you truly deserve it!) as it quite literally means nothing on here.
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    Wank also means detestable person.
    Bad, useless or worthless too. Not just the act of sexually stimulate yourself.

    But ohh well another inactive player.

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    While I don't support that behavior and I see why it's offensive to you - why "racial"? "American" is not a race, it just says where you're from.
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    If you would like to report a user, please use the report function with the post in question. Discussing this further and pointing fingers will just make things worse.

    That said, we do not comment on the progress of reports people send us regarding other members, as these things are handled on a case by case basis and reporting how each person is being handled is a breach of privacy.