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Thread: Season 43

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    Ljepoje just to inform you that probably my girflriend is going to manage my team in CL, do not try any funny bussines with her

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    Champions League Round 5
    Tiago FC 1
    - 6

    Man of the Match

    N Tughushi (ST) *Kepoh

    Season 43-cl.jpg

    League Match 9

    Kepoh 3 - 1 antepspor

    Man of the Match
    A Ramirez (DC) *Kepoh

    Season 43-l-9.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chester FC View Post
    how set orders for 3-5-2 flat and 3-5-2 v-style ?

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    FC Kneipenkick update:
    FCK barely won 1-0 away in the league and felt to 2nd because of worse goal difference, but in the CL the team reached a convincing 3-0 away win and tops the group with 15 points and 15-0 goals.
    Tomorrow we face at home league leader Deportivo GS, who has a 3 points higher average quality and played very consistent so far. So a difficult challenge can be expected, but FCK will try its best.
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    Troll City have crashed out early in the group stage tonight with a 5-3 loss, They just can't seem to break the CL curse thats on the club and to be fair... Troll City have never actually really lived up to their name because its Troll City thats always the team that seems to get trolled...

    As you can see I'm selling off the reserves and just basically going to let the account play in "auto-pilot" mode for pretty much the rest of the season, to be honest I'm getting pissed off with the server that the team plays on and all the token players that are on there.

    30 year old 5* players go for 20 KO rounds on that server it's ridiculous and were not talking managers fighting over players because 5* players on the tranny market are never in short supply.

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    League - Round 9
    Hlavy FC (40.8) 0-2 Chester FC (46.1)
    4-2-3W(AM)-1 vs 4-4-2
    Chester FC is a leader.

    Champions League - Round 5 - Group E
    FC Doggs (49.3) 1-1 Chester FC (46.1)
    4-1-2-1-2 ND vs 3N-5-2 V-Style
    First match: 2-1 for FC Doggs
    Chester FC qualified to 1/8 from 2nd place in group.

    League - Round 10 - Preview
    Chester FC (46.1) vs MB (43.4)
    4-4-2 vs 3N-5-2 Flat

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    Quote Originally Posted by July Fourth View Post
    Don't know what's happened to UTID this season, possibly just one of those seasons where nothing goes right whatever you tend to do?
    That is right mate, it is a really tough league, no chance to reclaim our title, I think I could scrape 2nd but would be happy with top 4 but we are going well in the cups.
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    Season 7. Day 12/28. Today's matches.

    Here in Portugal, it's already after midnight.
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    Deleted. I already got the formation to beat 4-1DMC-2-3...



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    Is this legal formation? Yes, it's whacky, but, legal?

    Season 43-assmty.jpg
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