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Thread: cheating tools

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    Quote Originally Posted by Confuzzled View Post
    There are no cheats in Top Eleven. It's a browser-based game and everything is server-sided. You can't hack money, Tokens or other stuff.
    if this is the case please expalin to me how i lost an auction for a player, who went pretty far over their budget to take a player? he has 1.03million availible (as stated in his bio like page) and he won the auction at 1.05 million. and i know from my own experience you cannot exceed your budget during an auction

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    This discussion has gone a bit longer than a thread about hacks should go. The original poster got their answer from multiple members as well. There are no working hacks for Top Eleven, they are just scams. We keep a close eye on hack reports and look into all of them.
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