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Thread: Totally corrupt

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    Totally corrupt

    Well I'm now at level 8 and I find myself behind a few teams so for the first time I've bought more tokens and guess what....I'm losing most games regardless of opposition. It's obvious that the more tokens you buy the worse your team performs to make you buy more. It's corrupt and I'm not falling for it.
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    I don't think buying Tokens affects the performance of your team. I've been earning Tokens since I've started playing Top Eleven and my team performed well until this season, this season my team is performing normal to bad. I think some seasons your team just doesn't want to play good.

    Also, a friend of my bought some Tokens last season and his team still won the League and the Champions League and this season his team is performing very well too.

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    Each season the game has code changes that affect other aspects of the game. Each season there are new more skilled plyers you are playing against. Each season your team gets a year older and their abilities degrade. I am sorry you are unable to adjust to the game getting harder.
    The way to improve playing the game is to not buy tokens and try different tactics and note what works and what doesnt work. THEN buy your tokens to improve your play by being able to buy bigger weapons... I mean players.

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    Or just dont buy any tokens at all. If people stop buying tokens maybe t11 will have more giveaways to get people to use them. they will give more in order to get more. right now t11 is not giving, they are only taking. this injuri thing is just absurd

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    i`m level 11 now and only had one bad season think that was level 8 too, this where i had best team in league yet still never got promoted ? although did win the cup and all this from not buying tokens at all, so don`t worry about at one point you will have have a bad season no matter what you try and do to change thing round