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Thread: Better to play PES than T11

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walliemia Shoaib View Post
    i'll tell you, he must be an admin, roaming around deleting such threads because thy dont want people to know the truth about their services. and their cheating
    Well, thats not fair to say that. There are countless threads outting nordeus as cheaters with bad service...but that is not what your OP is for. You did not get what you paid for, and I have no clue as to why, but this is ONE of the places to address this situation. July is wrong in that it should be closed because you have a serious issue that needs to be dealt with. This is a public forum and you have a legit issue, and until it is dealt with, this thread should remain open.

    If MDKII or another mod closes it, it should be because they have messaged you here or privately that they are looking into your issue.

    Dont make your situation worse by calling them cheaters until you can prove this after allowing them time to fix this issue.

    July drops the fictuous ban-hammer too early these days....just damn lazy

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    If you did want help putting pes is betterthan top eleven isnt the way to go about it. You should include your transaction id in your enquiry as they then might be able to help. While i despise the top eleven support system there are countless other games which have bad support.
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    If you would like to discuss other games, please use the forums of those respective games. These forums are for discussing Top Eleven.

    That said, I just looked up your team and there is no ticket in our database that you have filed. Please use Nordeus Support for any billing issues you may have.

    EDIT: I've looked at your example posted, thinking you were posting your details instead. I've just checked the other ticket you mentioned and Facebook Credits issues are handled by Facebook, not Nordeus. You can contact them here:

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