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Thread: Season 44

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    Definitely a season that I need to forget.

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    Champions League Last 16, 1st Leg

    Lonchas 0-3 July Fourth

    Lonchas 129.2 4-3N-1-2 - July Fourth 136.0 3N-5-2 V 1st half, 3N-1-4-2 2nd half

    A very tricky encounter for us indeed with Lonchas' manager being present at the game and they made a bright start in the first half applying all the pressure early, It wasn't until 17 minutes we had an effort on goal from Papaleo putting a shot wide, We were not getting too many balls forward as Lonchas seemed to have won the midfield exchanges in the 1st half and we pushed back our wingers to make a flat midfield 4, this worked much better for us in the second half as Watson put us ahead on 50 minutes with a dribble round a defender and the keeper to score, Kusama should of made it 2-0 straight afterwards when he was through on goal and blasted it over. Beckett however did make it 2-0 from 20 meters and July Fourth were now looking like progressing to the quarter-finals with ease, We did find the back of the net once more through Petersen on 79 minutes with a long range effort after we had to do a bit of defending from Calavicci and Ramirez, Petersen had one more chance before FT but the keeper saved it.

    Goals: Watson (50) Beckett (58) Petersen (79) MOTM: Watson.

    Team Talk: A fabulous way to get the KO stages underway with a fine 3-0 win here over a decent Lonchas side that gave us problems early on, but we were too strong for them in the end and we will qualify for the Quarter-Finals in which we will most likely face our biggest long term rivals Batigo United.
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    through to QF of the cup last night thanks to a very late goal won 2-1 at home , drawn against level 7 team in QF

    Won league game 6-0 away to bottom team this morning to make it 13 wins out of 13 for the 1st time in my club history

    Away in CL later hoping to get in QF's of CL too
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
    Definitely a season that I need to forget.
    Me, too. I lost today my first match in the league though I used a counter vs. 3W-1-3W-1-2 with 3W-2N-3N-1-1.
    Well, with already 3 draws I am 4 points behind the first, who I could trash 4-0, but he sadly does not loose points against the other teams.

    Later today in the CL waits a difficult 4-4-2 team, who is overpowered this season from my experience.

    And the transfer market is dead. I offer this player already for the 3rd time today on my transfer market.

    Not enjoying playing the game currently.
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    Champions League Round 16 Match - 1 Away

    (35.3) FenerBahce 0 - 5 FCB (43.7)

    4-2-2-2 Hexagon till 63', 3w-2-2-3 | 3n-4-1-2

    Kuppens (13')
    Master (51', 73')
    Petrescu (56')

    Belmonte (86')

    MOTM: Master

    Match Report: We faced the good opponent in the CL round 16 1st match. We got early break through from Kuppens long range goal at 13'. After this goal we did not score any more goal till half time.

    After half time Master scored his first goal of the match at 51' when he was with 1v1 with keeper. After few minutes Petrescu scored his first ever goal of the season when he was also 1v1 with keeper at 56'.

    Opposite manager was present after the half time and changed the formation but there was no use and we scored 2 more goals. Master scored his 2nd when he was again 1v1 with keeper at 73'. Belmonte scored the last goal of the match just few minutes before the end of the match by a corner from Carrillo at 86'.

    Team Talk: Easy win and one sided game.
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    Champions League Last 16 Draw

    This is not an easy last 16 draw for us by any means, With our 3-0 win earlier against Lonchas, It's highly likely that we will face long term rivals Batigo United and if thats not enough, There is a chance we may face other scout buyers Supap FC in the Semi-Finals and our most likely final opponents this season will be vigo teis futbol who have an easier half of the draw to us. Not only that vigo teis futbol have 7* and 8* players on their team this season, they are a L22 team playing in a L23 league meaning they have access to better quality scouts, if they strengthen further then this could be a tough final for us this season.

    Champions League Winner Odds
    July Fourth 2/1
    vigo teis futbol 3/1
    Batigo United 6/1
    Supap FC 10/1
    Deejing United 20/1
    Priprema 20/1
    33/1 BAR
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    League Day 13

    An easy win make us lead with 4 points clear

    Before teh match started we were lead the league with 1 point clear, so this was a must win match, we did a great job there in Brazil with an confortable win before the match of the night, our players show a great performance like they always do but two of our players got injured and its about Cengo in the 9' and Otero in the 76', Bednarek scored a hat-trick which made him the man of the match, Trigidia 2 goals also Otero, Rápó, Milosavljevic with one goal for each and there goal was in the last minute, so this will make us lead the first half of the league.

    Goals: Otero 1', Rápó 9', Trigidia 11' 36', Bednarek 15' 27' 77', Milosavljevic 58' & ibrahimovic 90'
    Man Of The Match: Bednarek.

    Season 44-sans-titre.jpg
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    The Club was born in June 2013 and joined the season very late (Last two matches)

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    Season 4 Level 3 : League Position 1 Cup Semi Final Champions League Quarter Final
    Season 5 Level 4 : League Position 1 Cup Quarter Final Champions League Quarter Final
    Season 6 Level 5 : Just started

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    Won the first leg of the knock out stages in the Champions League today away!!

    The only bad note is that my STAR striker continues to preform AWUFLY. He had 30+ goals last season and so far this season he has about 5!!!!!!! I'm considering selling him if he doesn't turn things around in the 2nd half of the season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Harrison View Post
    Attachment 11971?

    Small, tiny computer also has tiny screen and I put up wrong picture, it's fixed now....
    Hey Caty, is that your squad, I'm so impressed, you definitely dnt have a problem in choosing your squad or even subbing...
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    Champions League last 16 match 1

    We have played the first match in the CL. We have a easy win. One disappointment in the match. After 10 min our DMC Ovcin got a injury.


    11' Prodan one on one
    13' Prodan one on one
    45' Heller assist Diaz (counterattack)
    66' Atoche assist Argent (corner)
    77' Booth assist Zivkovic

    MOTM: Fraile

    CL table

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