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Thread: Season 44

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    Well I believe Dulac is winning title this season, but yes second place is also a good result for me.

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    League Match:
    Assyria FC (4-4-2 Classic) 4-1 Henrique FC (4-3-3 Classic)

    Great game, my striker scored 2 Freekicks and he doesn't have that ability! Very happy with him right now!

    Tomorrow is the biggest game of the season, hands down, nothing will match it! I play the League leader, if i win i am sure to win the title, if i lose i will be the runner up. Must choose the right tactics for this match!

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    League Match - 21

    FCB the League Champions

    (44.6) FCB 2 - 1 Atabari spor (25.8)

    4-5-1v | 3w-4-1-2

    Zapotocny (11')
    Gultekin (57')

    Pavan (66')

    MOTM: Carrillo

    Match Report:

    Very disappointing game as we scored only 2 goals but its good that we won. We were scared of getting a draw but luckily our star ST Pavan scored a excellent goal to bypass that.

    Team Talk: don't know what to say but we won the league. This is the first in FCB's history to win the league this much early.

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    League Round 21

    United Til I Die 0-0 Aviel FC

    United Til I Die 95.2 3N-5-2V - Aviel FC 91.3 3W-1-2-1-3 then 4-3N-1-2

    Plenty of possession and pressure and a fair amount of shots on target but we could not convert.

    Goals: MOTM: Zouma

    Team Talk: So much possession and pressure but could not score, our faint hopes of title gone
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    Status as of Day 21:
    Season 44-league-table-lvl-6-day-21.jpg
    Manager's talk: It's pretty much 2nd place for us. There are few competitive teams with active managers, two of which have many scout players in their teams. So first runner-up is considered a success for us.

    My Team's overall:
    Season 44-team-overall-lvl-6-day-21.jpgSeason 44-team-performance-lvl-6-day-21.jpg

    Good teams in the league:
    Season 44-buriram-lvl-6-day-21.jpgSeason 44-rostocker-lvl-6-day-21.jpgSeason 44-ccfc-lvl-6-day-21.jpg

    Champion League:
    Season 44-champion-league-lvl-6-day-21.jpg
    Manager's talk: Great progress so far. Most likely, we will see Song Lam Nghe FC in the final. Most of their players are 5-stars with only 1 scout player. If we continue to perform well, we have a great chance to win the title for the 4th time.

    Song Lam Nghe FC overall:
    Season 44-slna-lvl-6-day-21.jpg

    Champion League:
    Season 44-cup-lvl-6-day-21.jpg
    Manager's talk: We have already put one leg into the final. The team we are gonna meet in the final is either level 4-5. Since we are level 6 with many 5-6 stars players, we have a huge chance to bring the 3rd cup back home.

    Level 5 team (Many scouts at his level):
    Season 44-anupong-lvl-6-day-21.jpg
    Level 4 team (Full scouts at his level):
    Season 44-die-lvl-6-day-21.jpg

    Fortunately, we have no troll results so far like we had in the previous season. We won or lost the way it should be. Well done team! Keep it up
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    Champions League Semi-Final Preview

    July Fourth vs Kocaspor46

    July Fourth 136.6 - Kocaspor46 128.2

    Many analysts here are predicting July Fourth to completely blow their semi-final opponents out of the water here before a ball is kicked, what is this? An 8* team full of special abilities vs a 5* team of have nots... But we must not get too far ahead of ourselves as shocks can happen and have happened before and will happen again in the future, Tonight our biggest rival "vigo teis futbol" lost 3-1 away against Milk FC but a 2-0 win for vigo teis futbol in the 2nd leg will bring them to the final.

    Opponents Squad:

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    Champions League Semi-Final 1st Leg - Result

    July Fourth 3-0 Kocaspor46

    July Fourth 136.6 4-4-2 Classic then 75 minutes 4-2N-3W-1 - Kocaspor46 4-1-2-3

    A game that was completely dominated by July Fourth from pretty much start to finish and we got into the lead straight away from a 20 meters shot from Petersen, We continued to create chances mainly through Watson and Papaleo and had enough chances to have put the tie out of our opponents sight but we were wasteful, Thankfully in the second half we were just as good at creating chances and although Beckett had a free-kick blocked and Watson missed a sitter, Kusama who is having a quiet season so far suddenly sprung to life with a good solo run on the hour to double our lead, He also made it 3-0 with 74 minutes on the clock, Substitute Miku also nearly scored from distance but it was saved and there was a couple of late chances for Kopaspor46 get an away goal late on but Ramirez won a vital tackle and Beckett blocked van Hees long shot to ensure we kept the clean sheet.

    Goals: Petersen (2) Kusama (60,74) MOTM: Kusama.

    Team Talk: Although we squandered many chances in this semi-final 1st leg, If I was offered 3-0 at the beginning I probably would of taken this scoreline because I believe this result should be enough to see us through the 2nd away without too much difficulty. Who we play in the final has also become an interesting question now after Milk FC beat vigo teis futbol 3-1 earlier, I'm still expecting to play against vigo teis futbol on Friday despite that shock result.
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    We went into this match in the Ukraine, having watched 2nd place Ibrahim, lose 0-2 at home. That result gave us a real lift and we set about giving ourselves a huge advantage at the top. Defender Fabio Haller gave us the lead on 16 minutes, after a fine solo run and shot. Bahmut equalised eleven minutes later, but we grabbed back the initiative on 35', when Jacob Wilkinson finished off a move from Wayne Dixon. Seven minutes into the second half, Wilkinson found space for himself to score his second and our third. On 62 minutes, Dixon again set up a goal, this time for Homer Simpson. With just three minutes on the clock, Dixon was rewarded with a goal of his own, after a superb solo run. Wilkinson marred his day by collecting a yellow card late on. Not surprisingly, Dixon got man of the match.

    The win, coupled with Ibrahim's loss, now sees us 7 points ahead at the top, with games running out. Tomorrow we play rock bottom side, FC Manchester, at home. They have just three points in the table, and have a goal difference of -93. But we must not count our chickens.

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    CL - 1/2 - First leg
    Chester FC (55.4) 5-2 Sercan FC (52.9)
    4-5-1 V-Style vs 4-1-3N-2

    League - Round 22 - Preview
    Us Arbouans FC (51.7) vs Chester FC (55.4)
    4-1DMC-4AM-1 vs 4-5-1 V-Style
    First match: 3-1 for CFC

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    League round 21

    A easy win today. FH we scored only 2 goals but in the second half we scored 5 goals. Our MC Cardozo got for the first time his hattrick. He played very well. With the whole team we played well today.


    14' Cardozo long distance shot
    42' Booth long distance shot
    68' Prodan
    74' Cardozo long distance shot
    76' Babic assist Walthert
    84' Cardozo freekick
    88' Atoche long distance shot

    MOTM: Chaliotis

    Only our ST Fraile got injured in the 2' and must have put a AMC on the AMR position with the eye on the CL game. But we had enough red packs to heal him.

    We scored this game also our 100th goal. We have 103 goals for us and 4 against us.

    CL Semi Final match 1

    We thought that we had a though game. So we started with 4-4-2 to. And with succes. We dominated the match. In the 58' we changed to 4-4-1-1 to try against 4-4-2 and also with succes. A nice victory for us. We had many chances. The score could be higher. We had 3 supporters.

    Quality 48.8 mine opponent 40.1


    19' Fraile freekick
    24' Cardozo assist Grill
    34' Prodan assist Fraile
    57' Telemans assist Prodan
    79' Fraile freekick

    MOTM: Fraile

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