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Thread: 3 Attacking midfielders - How to beat

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    3 Attacking midfielders - How to beat

    I know there are many guides.. but I could not find the correct info for this one..

    How to beat a 4-2-3-1 Formation....WAIT!! Keep in mind... the 3 are three attacking midfielders, and 2 are MC..

    There are no defensive midfieders..I need a good counter as most of the people in my league are using this...

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    it is a good idea in the future to do the formation properly.....4-0-2-3-1, then there are no needed explanations and no mistakes.

    I would go with 4-1-2N-2W-1 V (4-5-1 V). It has won for me vs this formation many times:

    you have 2 DCs to counter his ST
    you have DR/DL to counter his AMR/AML
    you have DMC to counter his AMC
    You have 2 MC to counter his 2 MC
    you have 1 ST and 2 attacking AML/AMR on his back 4.

    It is basically your 4-5-1 vs his 4-5-1 with his more attacking obviously. Its a matter of making sure you take care of your own backyard first, then worrying about attacking. I would go attacking, down the flanks, mixed passing, own half, counters, hard tackle...but thats me.

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    Use about 3 Defenders, a DL, a DC and a DR and 2 DMCs. They will counter is AMCs and STs. Use MCs, AMCs and STs as u like.