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Thread: Friendly match issues

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    Friendly match issues

    Hey people,

    Ever since I connected my Top Eleven Team to my Facebook, some of my best friends have been abusing the living hell out of my team by constantly planning friendly matches. I don't want these matches AT ALL and they really ruin the game for me. However, I cannot seem to do anything about it. They can just plan a match and I'm screwed. The solution appears to be deleting them, but I can't delete them on Top Eleven, only on facebook. But deleting my the accounts of my best friends on Facebook in my friends list just for this game is a bit extreme, don't you think? So why not come with a mutual agreement that has to be made in order to plan this match. I read something about not being able to have 2 matches within 3 hours of each other, but that 5% condition doesn't do a whole lot, I just want my friends to stop teasing me! So please please PLEASE implement a function where I have to agree first, because my team is getting tired and injured all the time and I don't want this to ruin the otherwise fun experience of playing this game.



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    not going to happen according to the "wise" management at Nordeus. They dont care for your concerns, which is obvious in their "solution" to this issue. They only want you to have to suffer a maximum of 2-4 friendlies a day depending on how many scheduled games you have. If I remember correctly, if you have 2 games in a day, someone can schedule 2 friendlies against you. IF you have 3 games, then they can schedule 1 friendly or none, I cant remember, but it is something along these lines.

    Someone with the energy to look up the correct info will fill it in here. Regardless, Nordeus keeps ignoring the needs of their customers/client/players in this issue.