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Thread: Season 45

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    Really felt like this was a match too far, so was purposefully telling myself to expect to lose so I wouldn't be too disappointed when it happened. Obviously my boys were not thinking the same thing. Both forwards brought their shoting boots with 2 goals apiece, and 2 goals in first half with 3 shots on target. Incedemir had a quiet match, but since he almost singlehandedly got us here I'm not too fussed.

    Super happy to get my first cup win.
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    Legend scores in testimonial match

    Chano Petersen Testimonial match

    Perfect Tactics 4-0 RC Celta de Vigo

    This could well be Chano Petersen's last match at the club and it almost came to a troll result. We couldn't break 2* players down until the 67th minute when Petersen scored first. Suparman's 2 goals came from long range strikes and Rendon with a late finish made it 4-0 against the last placed team in the league. An almost disaster but we don't care about the score as it was merely just training and a match for Petersen to enjoy.

    Goals: Petersen (67'), Suparman (79, 81'), Rendon (85')
    MOTM: Petersen

    Chano Petersen has been an incredible player for us. July Fourth and pnr recently had their own Chano Petersen but it is the Chano Petersen of Perfect Tactics that we are talking about here. Bought in Level 2 from the scout list, we knew he had bought something special after the first season. He won player of the season, bringing us our first double and then went on to break 2 more records. The record for most goals scored in one match with 9 goals in a match and the most goals scored in a season with 87 goals including scoring in the final of the CL while playing out of position. His assist record was incredible too, averaging at least 1 assist a game having been on all corners and free kicks, despite only being a corner specialist. He then went on to win an incredible 9 seasons of player of the season at Perfect Tactics, it was not even a contest as the Dane smashed the competition and destroyed every opponent that stepped in our way, winning 11 league trophies in the process as well as 7 (maybe 8) Champions League trophies. We powertrained him to 8* several times but as age got to him, his stars declined and now as a 4*, he is merely just a benchwarmer. Despite this, he has had an outstanding career at Perfect Tactics and we will be keeping him until he retires. Even in his last 2 seasons, he has scored a respectable amount of goals considering his quality, that is only the remnants of what he was capable of in his prime. He has never won the cup but he does get a 3rd place medal this season, who deserves it more than anyone else in the team. Dedicated to possibly the best player in top eleven history.

    1st season - Appearances: 36 - Goals: 54 - Assists: 42
    2nd season - Appearances: 45 - Goals: 87 - Assists: 46
    3rd season - Appearances: 42 - Goals: 61 - Assists: 44
    4th season - Appearances: 47 - Goals: 66 - Assists: 46
    5th season- Appearances: 39 - Goals: 51 - Assists: 53
    6th season- Appearances: 43 - Goals: 63 - Assists: 60
    7th season: Appearances: 42 - Goals: 48 - Assists: 39
    8th season: Appearances: 47 - Goals: 59 - Assists: 35
    9th season: Appearances: 43 - Goals: 36 - Assists: 34
    10th season: Appearances: 35 - Goals: 16 - Assists: 16
    11th season: Appearances: 11 - Goals: 4 - Assists: 2
    Total: Appearances: 429 - Goals: 545 - Assists: 417

    League Winners (11)
    Cup 3rd place (1)
    Champions League Winners (7)
    Champions League Runners up(1)

    Season 15 - Level 15

    League Winners (14) - Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
    26-0-0 league (4) - Levels 3, 4, 7 & 8
    Undefeated in league (11) - Levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14
    Cup winners (2) - Level 1 & 14
    Cup 3rd place (1) - Level 12
    Champions League Winners (10) - Levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
    Champions League Runners up(1) - Level 9

    >My team<

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    dam lost 1-0 again dominated even one of player`s was out of position and then i get injury yet again while subbing they score with only shot of game so that means i`m 1 point behind leaders with two game left
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    League round 24

    A easy win for us. We dominated the whole match. Nice perfomance from us.


    1' Fraile freekick
    27' Prodan assist Fraile
    39' Cardozo long distance shot
    44' Cardozo freekick
    56' Prodan

    MOTM: Prodan

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    With nothing to play for, for either team, this was more like a friendly. The first half saw just one goal, that from a fine effort from Dean Goody. The second half sprang to life, when Alcudia equalised after 53'. Chris Pigott put us back ahead within two minutes, and then scored an almost identical goal, three minutes later. When Goody bagged his second on 73, the match was won. But Boverhof never gave up chasing and grabbed a good goal five minutes from time. Defender, David Allen was given man of the match, while Vener Chekmarev and Murat Ozturk both picked up yellow cards.

    GOAL STATS: Goody 35, Pavek 53, Pigott 55, Pigott 58, Goody 73, Boverhof 84
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    "Shark" Royal Rumble Cup - Final

    ΟΦΗ 2-2 El Capo FC
    ΟΦΗ won 4-3 on Penalties

    ΟΦΗ 142.6 4-1DMC-3WAM-2 - El Capo 146.1 4-5-1 V then 3W-5-2 V

    It was the big money spending El Capo taking on our Semi-Final conquerers ΟΦΗ in this contest billed to be a thrilling final with twists and turns and you would think El Capo were firm favourites to win this final here but it's a final remember and anything can happen. El Capo started the stronger and scored an early break through when Laurinyecz played through Jaber to tap-in and the El Capo missed a couple of more chances through Maruyama, However ΟΦΗ saw through the storm and eventually equalised through Machlas getting on goal to score, 4 minutes later and ΟΦΗ were infront, this time Damianakis powered past Neuer in goal to score, El Capo did have a chance before HT but Zoro Kpolo made an important block to clear the ball away, The second half saw both teams show a great attacking football, El Capo midway through the 2nd half with their strong attack saw Schneuwly get through on goal to equalise by slotting it past the keeper in a 1v1 situation, El Capo had chances to win it but Zoro Kpolo's good defending went on to force extra time for both teams, El Capo had an early attempt from Jaber saved before El Capo survived the dreaded double corner and Eduardo's header went wide were the 2 occasions both teams came closest in extra time, so we went to penalties. Maruyama's first penalty for El Capo hit the bar and Nimani N'Galou's penalty for ΟΦΗ was saved, but the cruicial moment came in the final round of penalties when Lopez also hit the bar for El Capo and Isis made no mistake tucking home the final penalty to win the Shark RR Cup for ΟΦΗ, It was a fabulous final to watch as a neutral and you didn't know who would win until right the very end.

    Goals for El Capo: Jaber (3) Schneuwly (63) Goals for ΟΦΗ: Machlas (23) Damianakis (27) MOTM: Zoro Kpolo (ΟΦΗ)

    I'm delighted that these 2 power houses on our server put up such a good show in the final of the cup and I was lucky enough to witness such a good match in which both had many chances to win the Cup, Congratulations to the new server Champions ΟΦΗ who definately deserve to win the cup having beaten the 2 strongest teams on the server qualitywise (Ourselves and El Capo) and also such commiserations to El Capo after spending a lot of tokens to build a squad as good as he had.

    I watched the final in it's entirety as a neutral spectator, there was no power support for either team and it was 0% possession bonus for both teams.
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    Lost 2-1 aet in the cup final

    That is all

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Tompkins View Post
    Lost 2-1 aet in the cup final

    That is all

    Damn... Commiserations... But hey! There is always next season and the seasons after!
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    @John H --Commiserations and sympathy, but hey! You made it to the Cup FINAL, which a lot of teams never do (I see you've won it a couple times, but I don't blame you for wanting another win, I would too.)
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