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Thread: Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)

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    Champions League Group H Round 3

    Steaua 2-2 July Fourth

    Steaua 139.3 4-3W-1-2 - July Fourth 147.8 4-5-1 V, then 4-1-1-2W-2 then 4-DMC-3WAM-2

    At the moment July Fourth are struggling with the pressure of being labelled the highest quality team on the server, still getting many draws and defeats against far inferior opposition, We were under pressure early from Steaua, They had a clear shot on goal wide before converting from a corner with Chipciu getting the header into the back of the net, then July Fourth soon responded with an excellent solo goal from Petersen after he made his way past the defence and got the equaliser for us, Steaua were the better team in the remainder of the first half, missing more chances to score, 2nd half we struggled even more, we just couldn't find top gear and when we did it was near the end of the game, Benayoun played a cross in for Papaleo to header in for what would be appear for a late winner, but there was still time for Steaua to equalise from a 'double corner' with Ronaldo crossing in for Slatina to make it 2-2.

    Goals: Chipciu (12) Petersen (20) Papaleo (87) Slatina (90) MOTM: Petersen.

    Team Talk: Well... let's face it the way this game went a draw can only been seen as a good result as we were simply 2nd best for most of this game, we hope to do better in the return game in 2 days time at home. The current situation in the group doesn't look too good either now.
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    Champions League Round 3

    Keong FC 1-4 Palaiseau FC

    League round 5

    dissapointed that, i made Hoa Fc as illegal but it's still difficult to beat them, now 3rd in the league,
    Palaiseau FC in Sever 46
    season 28, level 28

    competition Played 1st 2nd top4 last win current season(*)
    League 28 19 6 2 season 27 .....
    Champions league 26 7 1 6 season 25 ........
    Cup 26 2 2 3 season 7 .......
    (*) updated at 1-June-2015

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    well good day after winning league game 4-0 where my sub comes off bench in the 68th minute he score in the 70th and after 75 minutes he has a hat-trick, then i won champions league game against main rival and won 1-0 which i needed as it put`s 5pts clear and on Monday i have them first away then main rivals in league away again 15 minutes later so i can`t change game time but at least now i can use reserves in champions league but defo not liking the 2 minute change over with squad
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    We won the last 2 games in league
    Round 4 4:0 against 14th easy win, goals from newly bought STs Chamorro and Stone, Rosas and Silva. Stone was MOM.
    Round 5 3:2 against 12th we dominated the game scored 2 goals from marechal and Rosas, but then i start to make changes to save players to CL and they manage to equalize, luckyli we have a free kick on the 79th minute and our GK Rodrigues scores the third.
    Yes it seems i found the New left free kick taker, my GK, in 2 games he have 1 goal and 2 assists.

    In the cup After winning away 4:1 we controles the home game and manage a 2:0 win, we already know our oponent and it seems we have good chances to continue in the cup.

    In the CL We manage a 2:0 win at home against the last in the group, Chamorro from penalty and Stone assisted from Chamorro, made the goals. It seems we now have a winning Team of STs.
    We are 2nd with the same points and GD from the 1st, so our game on round 5 can decide averything.
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    League, Round 5

    United Til I Die 2-2 Watze FC

    United Til I Die 101.7 4-3N-2W-1 then 3N-2N-2W-2 - Watze FC 103.8 3N-4-3

    On 2 minutes Bosch passed to Lambert who finished well, on 28 minutes they equalized with a header from a corner, then they took the lead on 35 minutes with a shot from distance, 2 minutes into the second half Herrera picked up his second yellow and is sent off, so we bring on Chicka for Barr to give ourselves some hope and to be fair we make a host of chances but it looks like they are going to see it out but then with the very last kick Marques gets behind the defense and passes to Redmond who taps it in, phew.

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    this is a fu***** joke!

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    We were so close to big result:

    RVp is not himself today.
    Yordanov scored some very important goals:

    Giroud is great in assisting:

    We still have little hope to be second in group.

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    League Round 5

    FC Gjurcinoski(71.2) 0-5 daniel FC(75.5)

    What a sick match by my ST one on one scorer.. he scored all 5 goals.. He is on FIRE!!..

    Goals : Javadipour (5,13,45,66,78) MOTM : Javadipour

    CL match 3 :

    PSOM F.C(73.7) 1-2 daniel FC(75.5)

    I guess it was a good match.. My new MC had a great first match scoring both goals

    Goals : Tholmer (13,35) , Kostis (26)
    MOTM : Gruber

    Hmm.. Im getting the feeling that I am getting better results when im not watching the matches :O !! What do you think guys?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sephox View Post
    this is a fu***** joke!

    I think your problem is you have no one to convert the free kicks
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Tompkins View Post
    I think your problem is you have no one to convert the free kicks