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Thread: Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saransh Vatsa View Post
    U have 9 accounts?????!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!?????!!!!??!!?!?!? !!?!!?!??!??!
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    He just has a large virtual closet full of kit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by July Fourth View Post
    Royal Rumble "Shark Cup" Last 16 Draw

    July Fourth have been handed a very tough draw here in the Shark RR Cup on our server, We are still 1 level behind the majority of the clubs in the draw and we are on a collision course on perhaps our new main rival at present which is El Capo. Should ourselves and El Capo win our Last 16 matches we will play against each other in the Quarter-Finals. We also drew les guerriers in the last 16 again for the 2nd season running but this season they are considerably weaker compared to last season to us. Defending champions ОФН are on the other side of the draw and are expected to face fc sulo in the QF and Jon Utd in the SF, Thai Team are the pick of the bunch in the bottom quarter who were last seasons semi-finalist but as we found out in the last round anything can happen because ourselves and El Capo were both close to being eliminated.

    RR Shark Cup Odds
    July Fourth 11/4
    El Capo 7/2
    ОФН 5/1
    fc sulo 8/1
    Thai Team 8/1
    Jon Utd 9/1
    FC Springfield 14/1
    FC ZAMO VIGO 14/1
    Klein Chicago 20/1
    Fabulous FC 25/1
    fc visca 25/1
    Man Utd 33/1
    Bjk 1903 33/1
    tripianas club 50/1
    watchara 100/1
    les guerriers 100/1

    Previous Winners
    Last Season ОФН 2-2 El Capo (ОФН won on Penalties)
    S44 FC.KOYTALA 1-0 TeamSystem COBRA
    S42 FC Springfield were the winners but I wasn't in Shark Cup bracket back then.
    El Capo used the personal trainer this season?
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    how to beat 3w-5-2 ...strong opponent ...
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    3-2-3-2 or something with attack through the middle e.g 442ND

    An ok win for us, we suspect that we were able to win because they had a league game earlier and have not fully recovered. They score an early goal, we scored 3 more before they netted a second with 5 minutes to go. Was disappointed with that but scored 3 goals away is always a good thing.

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    LV4: League, CL
    LV5: League, CL
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    League, Round 10

    Voladores FC 2-0 United Til I Die

    Voladores FC 104.8 4-3N-2W-1 - United Til I Die 102.4 4-4-1-1 then 3N-2N-3W-2

    On 31 minutes they take the lead but it is men against boys here in truth and we are not getting a look in, on 38 minutes they make it 2, into the second half we put on an additional attacker but cannot get into the game and then to top it off with 4 minutes to go they injure Bosch, nice.

    MOM: Krause
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Harrison View Post
    He just has a large virtual closet full of kit.
    Quote Originally Posted by PricopGeorgeCătălin View Post
    1 )

    Thanks. That actually left me shocked!!! I forgot u can have n number of kits. That is a huge and gr8 collection to be honest. Really impressive. I though Pricop was trying to beat the official record her by having 9 teams... LOLs!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ppturano View Post
    El Capo used the personal trainer this season?
    Not as much yet, He has only bought a new scout keeper and added 5Q, meaning he bought about 500T. But I'll be keeping a closew eye since he is our likely QF opponent, We've done our job against les guerriers earlier.
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    young player, he will be trained to 8 *

    the cup is still good as i have a lucky wi in play off round
    1st leg

    2nd leg

    and we have won 1st leg for 1/16

    but in the League, it seems to over for Palaiseau FC, but we will fight till to the end
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    Champions league 26 7 1 6 season 25 ........
    Cup 26 2 2 3 season 7 .......
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    League Round 9 - daniel FC(75.9) 4-0 Bossbaykuslar(66.0)

    Didn't watch the match.. I guess it was a fine game

    Goals : Verhappen (19) , Petersen (36) , Ukah (53,84)
    MOTM : Gruber

    CL Round 5 - Greek Team(78.9) 1-0 daniel FC(75.9)

    We end the CL early because of too strong teams in my group

    League Round 10 - Kamnik utd(76.1) 4-4 daniel FC(75.9)

    A shocking match against my 4 season in a row rival Kamnik utd.. The result of the first half was 4-1 in his favor ..He was using an offensive formation 3W-5-2 flat and I started with the 442ND. But in the second half everything changed when I switches to
    4-2-3AML/C/R-2 ..Saglam,my new ST had 2 solo actions in 2 mins but he scored only 1 of them and one went wide of post unlucky for him he was very disapointed..Petersen had a great chance to score but it resulted in a corner which was taken by my fantastic DC Gruber and it fall onto the head of Verhappen to score my third goal and give us great hopes for atleast a draw,which we succeeded at scoring a goal in the 85th min.. An action by the two AM's Petersen and Georgakopoulos..A big shock for Kamnik utd..

    Goals : Gruber (5) , Saglam (48) , Verhappen (76) , Georgakopoulos (85) ; Revuelta (9) , Oneddu (15) Zubeldia (25) , Granskov (40)
    MOTM : Gruber
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