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Thread: Young Players

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flinger View Post
    If you're not a power trainer don't bother with him. It'll do you 1 or 2 seasons more than a regular 5* player from the transfer list, and, with the tokens it costs you can easly buy 4 or 5 5* players.

    If you are a power trainer, and are looking for fast trainers, then they are not cheap but they are granted and train very fast, so you'll be able to keep them at top levels for several seasons.
    I disagree, mainly because not everyone has access to 5* players on their transfer list with any regularity. I had to tank a few seasons to be able to get 5* players, so I seriously looked at the youth that came through my system. If the new youth is better than anything you can find on the transfer list, then buy him. plain and simple.

    Look at my level 6 team and there is a $5M 18yo DC/DR I would buy. he is not the most expensive but he is up there.

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    wouldn't you like to know :P
    Yeah it seems on right at the top server wise ... never get anything good , and when its does its a frenzy so relying on my youth
    no info for you my watchers :P

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    And what's wrong with the older ones?

    2 season ago i picked 2 31 Year old players both 5*, both with sa for 2 tokens a piece. They did very well, and are now 4 * and still playing regularly (i tanked last season). If i get one of these every season, for 4 seasons, instead of the youth guy, i'll be having a 5* player for 4 full seasons, by a cost still lower than a youth player.
    Of course they won't be good for more than 1, 2 seasons at most, but still...

    I signed 3 youth players so far. One is now 21 Y/O and is 4* trying to get back to 5*, even though i tanked last season. He cost me 24T. Another is 22 Y/O, 3* and only played first team part of a season were i was trying to get him up to 5*.

    On my second team i signed one, this season, for 2 reasons: I got him on day 2, and i don't have time to look for players on that team, so as he was dual-position and for one spot i was in need, i decided to take the chance. Maybe i found a mix of circumstances where a youth player may be a good choice. I'll let you guys know in a couple of seasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TALON1973 View Post
    Sorry I should have said .. im a level 6 manager .. player in question is 4 star level 41

    I'm just starting to do the whoel power train thing with a young goalie I got. Doing more than one player seems impossible tho unless you have green token coming from your behind lol
    at 41 i would not bother if 44 then yes and if enough greens you can power train, i`m level 13 and signed my second player in 15 season`s and he cost me 24 tokens but he was close to 5 star to sign and power train so i will have for 4/5 seasons, he also started his first game as a striker and scored 2 goals v a stronger team
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    Unhappy Young Players

    Well in this season i buy 9 young players and I'm not having good results (3-6 and 1-6) in the league and I'm considering whether to take the right decision in buying young players between 18 and 20 years without skill.

    I am also thinking of tanking to teach skills to young players purchased. That they think it is better to buy young players or players +24 years with skills ?

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    Just think of it as building for the future.

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    My team is quite young, the age average is 21.1, but it seems they have not come together, so there are not too good results
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    Quote Originally Posted by Killerbee View Post
    It's always a difficult decision to make. Depending on what level you are, money may be a factor too. At least the market value of the youth players tend to be somewhat equal to what a bank investment would get you for the same amount of tokens. So it's often worth it to sign the player and see if you will use him or sell him afterwards.
    So I'm in my 2nd season, top of my league (1st last season), top of CL Group but out the Cup.
    I tend to play 4-1-2W-1-2 in all my games injuries permitting. I was looking forward to my new Youth Players and got a 4* Q20 MC 1.02M 15T and a 2* Q10 DL 280k.

    The 4* only played 27mins (getting a 7 rating) but then got injured the next game after just 9mins.
    So not really had a chance to see if he can play well enough in one of the 4 wide diamond points nor even see if he trains well yet.
    But lets say I decide to sell him (714k-918k) and a 1.6M investment costs 25T, is selling him a viable option considering I've forked out 15T for him? My budget is 2.47M so far and only slowly going up with Wins prizes, but even with another title win would I have enough for a good enough player without selling this youngster?
    I do feel like selling my 3 MCs as they'd only be played out of position, plus I need space to build my team for cover.

    Funnily Q10 DL has played for 4 7s and providing decent cover at DL atm

    Quote Originally Posted by Killerbee View Post
    The mental aspect of releasing your youth player and having someone else sign him as a free transfer is also slightly upsetting.
    Would they actually appear on the market? and for free for that matter?

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    Young Players, are they ever any good?

    As a lowly 4th league dreamer, I am expecting 2 newbies from my youth investment in the next 4 days. Are they ever any good? What do people tend to do? Sell them straight away, invest sometime with them, give them a special skill to learn. Are there any success stories, like wow he had a 30 plus skill level at 18? Do any of you guys still have a youth player whose now a regular in your squad? Simply, should I get excited lol

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    Youth players that you get are normally a 4* (but sometimes 3*) which costs between 12-24T and they are fast trainers and you have to use green boosters to develop these players to a decent standard for your team and you can train them extra roles and SA if required. The other youth is a 2* (or 1*) duck which can be sold for quick $ since they will never really be good enough to play for your team.

    Another major problem is the timing of the youth players arrival and they can arrive late in the season and lose a star should your team promote to the next level making them less attractive to buy.
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