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Thread: lvl 3 vs lvl 1

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    lvl 3 vs lvl 1

    to much diference betwen teams but not on the field
    hi everyone, i have a team lvl 3 im on top on my table and i have played a match whit a team lvl 1 , a very poor team (13rd place) and at the final the rezult was something like this : posesion 80-20 for him, shoot 21-13 for him, and i dont get WHY?

    i played a normal 4-4-2 vs a strange 3-5-2 whit all players 99% condition and very hight moral.

    can someone explain me why did that happent like that ?!?!

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    Only have 20% possession If you are playing ilegal formation, did you played with DMR/L instead of DR/L?

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    you used an illegal formation and thats all...

    read this;

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    ability is placed in the wrong position
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