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Last season I was level 9.

When I went to buy scouts they were between 66-69 in quality. Of course, through the season they will improve. The scouts I picked up who were 68 or 69 last season are now 71 quality in my team.

The scouts that were 66 or 67 quality are now pushing 69 quality - the same that are now 5 star players at level 10.

On the scout lists you only get 3 or 4 players under the age of 23 if you are lucky - so you have to then hope one of them is close to the 7 star level to make them worthwhile.
I believe with a team full of 5 star players I can comfortably get promoted and be in the Champions League year after year. Scouts may help me win more leagues and cups - but that's just a may help, not a guarantee that they will. I'd rather use 40 Tokens and challenge for the title with a couple of similarly talented squads than spend real money to buy hundreds of Tokens (or use hundreds of Tokens I've farmed) to give myself a better chance of the title - but again with no guarantee.
that's why you need management skill. i agree with you 5* is enough for the league in some case. but not enough for win the champions league. if there is no scout team in your league, it may be normal, but if there is no scout team in your CL, you must be lucky.
your opinion about scout is same as me and many others, there is some players are worst to buy some aren't. there may be no scout at the 1st day of the season but the scout list refrest once 3-4 days and if you have a 69Q at day 15 you can still rise them to 70-71 at day 1 next season.
scout better than other that you don't have biddding war and they have multi position and Speciality skill.
if you count to use a scout 2 seasons: you can chose 22-23-24 yo player.
if you count to use a scout 3 seasons you must chose 22-23 yo.
now, let us compare
a scout play 1 season at 6-7* (69Q-71Q) and 1 season 6(*71Q-74Q) and 1 season at 5-6*(74-76Q) and still a good sub (76-79 can reach 80 if he was 22 at fast trainer at 1st season and you can sell them next season by negociation). he cost you 50tk
i'd say 25tk for 1st season 15TK for 2nd and 10Tk for 3rd and 5TK for 4st season

a youngters can stand 4 season at 5-6*(64-68 68 -72 72-76 76-81). OK it may really better, it make you more stronger in cup. but you need better chance in CL , 7* player is needed. and scout value is there

it depends on how many tk you have each season. Assume that each season you rise your power 5Q(get promoted every season and have the same quality relatively). calculate your buget in TK and after you see you buy how many scout, how many young and how many normal player each season.