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Thread: gk sale ..odd stuff

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    wouldn't you like to know :P

    gk sale ..odd stuff

    ok i was selling a keeper ....had at least 3 players interested .....when it went to to zero time in 1st bid it said player sold ...which was odd see as there were at least 3 bidders

    gk sale ..odd stuff-top-1st-round.jpg

    i refreshed ... and saw it had got to round 5 all of a sudden ....and sale ened for no reason at all , before 0 time

    gk sale ..odd stuff-top-sale.jpg

    wyf happned ????
    no info for you my watchers :P

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    that's an error if it says "player sold"... if 2,or more players put 1 token the the initial round, all they goes to the 1st round, and... they have to put another token, to be in the 2nd round... and againd all this to be in the next roud... so, be sure, the bidding don't end when time was in "0"... all they fight in the next rouds to have the player, and at the end won the guy you see in 2nd position when time was "0"...
    sure is an error... xD