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Thread: Weird goalkeepers!

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    Weird goalkeepers!

    Guys from last season my best goal keepers(4* or more) are performing pathetically. I have brought and sold 3 goalkeeper since start of last season as none on them perform better than rating 5 and always leaks a goal. So i have always have to turn back to my 3* goalkeeper who perform far better and keeps more clean-sheet. Anyone facing same problem?
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    Goalkeepers seem to get the worst ratings on my team too. i think if you have a strong defense, they dont have to do as much and so get bad rating. If you have one that gets good ratings, play him!
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    I have my wife in goal as she can FILL between the goal post`s and if anyone gives her less than 7 rating then they are a daft or brave

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    Quote Originally Posted by spornybol View Post
    I have my wife in goal as she can FILL between the goal post`s and if anyone gives her less than 7 rating then they are a daft or brave
    LOLs if ur wife reads all these posts of urs we will be attending ur funeral for sure!!!!
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    True dat! I've bought 2 GKs and also sold 2 GKs just at the beginning of this season. It's a 4* and a 5* GK with performance average less than 6. On the other side my 3* GK often get 7 ratings and a clean sheet. But sadly he is still struggling with injury so I have to buy another goalkeeper. Despite having clean sheet, my new 4* GK only rated 6 on my last game. Weird.
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    I think every goalie needs time to adjust to his new team. Every time I buy a new goalie he gets low rating. Last season I bought one and he was getting 5 and 6 all the time. This season he's averaging 7.5, even when he doesn't have a lot of job to do during a game.

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    this game is proggrammed to creat players of different situations.
    Some players, never will play well, others will play well during a time, others, all his career, and, some of this players are proggrammed to play well and be effective, having a level of quality.

    In my case, in 12 seasons I had 4 GK in my team, called, Isik, Ay, Kahn and songo'o. All worked really good and saved me sometimes under the minute 90'.

    And, for example, in the case of my ST of 7* Cissé, never works... so, I have to sell this player, because is proggrammed to, have bad statics, in this case.
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