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Thread: Can lower levels buy players on the transfer market?

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    Can lower levels buy players on the transfer market?

    Hi all!

    I just wanted to know if lower level players can buy my players. E.g. I have a player who's a 3 star player on Level 2, and I wonder if any Level 1 players are able to see this player and buy it as a 4 star player?

    All the sales that my friends have made are to other players on the same level. Is this a coeincident or is it really just possible to buy from same level players?

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    Negotiations are only available in level 4 or higher.

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    Well, since the thread title contains 'transfer market', I'm gonna assume he means the regular transfer market.

    It is indeed possible for lower level players to buy from players of a higher level. The only limitation is in quality. They have to be between 3 and 5 stars to them or they won't show up in their transfer market.
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