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Thread: Auction/Negotiation/Scout

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    Auction vs Scouts....

    Hmmm.... I'm a scout buyer normally, mainly because I like a high quality side and normally get to work with a lot of tokens from videos in the past historically, Theres been seasons where I have earned 400 tokens which means in turn I can buy quite a lot of scouts, Until recently, I had a squad rota and normally would replace my 4 worst players which would be around 4* with 4 youngish scouts 22-24 years old with ratings that end in 4 or 9 if I can. A scout player on the younger 22-24 and qualitys that end in 4 or 9, would get at least 4 seasons at my club, when you do the maths, it works out at 12.5T per season, which isn't bad when you buy 5* for auctions for around that cost and they would of got 1-2 seasons before being replaced by better players, which in turn given the starting quality of scouts it makes them slightly better value than buying 5* players from the market and it knocks out the uncertainty of getting involved in an unwanted bidding war which could drain your tokens and money.

    As for negotations, well most bids would get rejected from managers since they are most likely to be players that managers don't want to sell and if you do get a bid accepted, you probably could buy a scout player for just a dozen more tokens or so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boblim130 View Post
    Bro, don't agree with your 2nd paragraph...depends on how "greedy". I posted a thread earlier to advise potential bidder to analyse the team of the Seller. Player may be a key player who was just rested or red carded. Another possible reason is the business sense. If I have just bought the player for 10T in auction, I will not sell him for 7T if I had hardly use him.
    I've bolded part of your post which I don't understand how it relates to the topic of manager greed at all, though it does present the question: Do players not appear on the negotiations list if they are in the starting eleven?

    Besides that, your way of thinking comes across as greed to me. Firstly, of course we won't sell the player if we still need them, so now the focus shifts to players we don't need. I'm happy to settle for just a token or two from negotiations. If I were to sell them on auctions, I would just get money and no tokens, so any tokens on negotiations can be seen as a bonus, the money is not as important for me.
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    The best is auction but depend now, it can be the worst too, you can lose everything but you can get 10 good players for 20-30 tokens.
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    depends on the server. my server is always busy any time of the day. i know this because when i was addicted to this game some seasons earlier, i would check auction in the morning, afternoon, evening and sometimes even past midnight if i suddenly wake up in the middle of the night. you can also get lucky. auction is very unpredictable in my server. a few times, auction ends after ko rounds 1 - 5 only. sometimes, it can reach more than 50 rounds. the players need not even be high end to start a bidding war. just have 2 managers who do not want to throw tokens away for nothing. normal is around 10-20 tokens. but for high end 5 star, normal is 15-30 tokens. so i agree with accyrover, high end 6 star scout is good value for your tokens. but i also don't disagree with potemy. if you can get a full squad for 35 tokens, i would go for it.

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    Nice pick up..cheers

    Quote Originally Posted by Csaszar Alexandru View Post
    Yes, seriously, i baught this season 1 player from scout and i'm very satisfied, plays really good and it grows very fast, here i post some stats:

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