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Thread: Sponsorpay...Terrible service...

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    Sponsorpay...Terrible service...

    What a terrible service Sponsorpay give. I could be waiting one month just to recieve my tokens. Has anybody else had bad experiences with these ?

    Tempted to quit the whole Top Eleven game as its more and more about making money for Nordeus and less about higher level users enjoying the game (More injuries than ever, condition % improvement only 15% per token...used to be 25% a while ago etc etc...) It never used to be like this at the beginning of top eleven :-(


    Probably one of the FIRST EVER players to start playing Top Eleven Football - My team Level 35


    13th January...

    we have received your request and will get back to you as soon as possible.
    Please be patient while we process your request.
    Kind regards,
    SponsorPay Support Team
    - -
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    > FullName: xxx
    > Appid: 1564 -- Top Eleven Football Manager
    > LandingPageId: 86591 -- BigFishGames - Get 70% Off Your First Game
    > Required actions: Purchase any game today for less than £2. On checkout
    > use coupon code "NEW299". For new users only.
    > Message:
    > Hello,
    > Says on offer I would recieve tokens within 5 minutes....13 hours later
    > and I still havent recieved my tokens. Can you help please ?
    > Regards
    > Steve

    15th January....

    Dear user,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    In order to process your claim, I will need proof that you completed the offer successfully (i.e. accurately carried out the required actions)
    Please send us a copy of your purchase receipt, complete with your name, date, amount and item bought. Feel free to black out the card number or any additional confidential data.
    As soon as we have received and reviewed all your details, we will be able to credit you.
    We apologize for the delay you have experienced, and are looking forward to resolving this matter for you very soon.
    Best regards,
    SponsorPay Support Team

    I replied with this exact info on 15th January....

    17th January...

    Dear user,

    Thank you for your inquiry and screenshot!
    In order to process your claim, I will need you to also forward or screenshoot me the registration email you received from the sponsor with complete header = date, time, sender and receiver.
    Best regards,
    SponsorPay Support Team

    I sent this info on 17th January....

    22nd January...

    Dear user,
    Thanks for sending us this proof.
    We are very sorry to hear about these missing credits, we will contact the advertiser and make them aware of the situation.
    Please note it may take up to 2 or 3 weeks to have a response.
    We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
    Best regards,
    SponsorPay Support Team

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    Same for me

    Hi there,

    It is the same for me.
    However it does not concern buying on website but buying-free tokens.
    I register on any website or downloading app on my android as asked by sponsor pay and nothing is happening and tokens are not credited...
    What a fraud !

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    I've not had success with ANY offers I've tried. I even used some (3) car insurance offers to actually buy my car insurance. Good deal on the insurance I needed. No tokens.

    Nordeus had no solution when I contacted them about it.
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    Not offer ivailable sponsorpay