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It is what it is, get over it!! They will never drop token buying!! Why would they? Secondly does every team in football have the same amount of money? No! Boo hoo life isn't fair but this is a game and if you don't like it I'm sure candy crush saga will suit you more. Every game has in-app purchasing.

Nordeus make the most popular online sports game off all time and they give people the opportunity to EITHER play for free or give a little something back for the game they made. If you think it's unfair stop moaning and quit, simple!
It is just a simple question and you got your panties in a bunch over it. and you think that i am negative and pessimistic? LOL I ask a simple question out of curiosity and you imply things that arent even relevant.

So which is more fair? you seem to pipe up and give your useless opinions on everything else but dont address the actual question. so take a chill pill and stop pulling a she-hulk impression and give a useful opinion for a change.