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Thread: How many "names" of players can you see in a match? Analysis programming VOL.II

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    How many "names" of players can you see in a match? Analysis programming VOL.II

    HI all, and merry christmas! (^.^)

    some weeks ago I did a thread called: Staff analysis about game programming
    My idea is/was to do a deep analysis of the game in diferent way and deep sense.
    I talked with the support to try to know more, (and too to try to talk with a designer of the game, but was not posible...-.-') for example to know, how afects the morale (in % - ) in other skills, habilities, and too, I tryed to know about the "hidden habilities" that are proggrammed to have, better, worst player, or players that work and are efective only with some level.
    If I/we want to try to know more about the game proggramming, we, and only WE, have to analize the game to discover some tendencies of the game.
    That's why I would like to analize the game, because for me the programmation and how afects in the game, is something very interesting.

    Thats why, I would like to know, how many "names" of players of your team, and of the other team, see you in the match, and too the formations that use the 2 teams, you and the other.
    If you want to collaborate. Maybe we can see weaknesses, or something interesting doing an analisys of how works, and simulating this game the matches.

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    No matter what we do, all we would be able to do is guess and speculate. We didn't make the game so unless they tell us, we'll never know exactly how it works. :/

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