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Thread: Transfer market token con beware of biddding on auction

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    Transfer market token con beware of biddding on auction

    Beware when you are bidding the servers are unreliable. Twice i have "lost" auctions through no fault of my own due to lag.

    1st time after 22 rounds i placed my bid for round 23 to find the bid was not accepted has it was not placed in time. Stran you cannot place a bid after the allocated time so the fact it recognizes i made a bid shows there is a problem

    2nd time round 8 the screen froze on wait for just enough time for one round the started the next with me kicked out.

    A total of 30 tokens for nothing. Play this game at your own risk and do not put any money in it. I will no longer be investing in a game that is unreliable and if it involves a live transfer times system there should be something in there to compensate for server lag and recognize bids that were placed in time

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    Are you bidding last second?
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    Were you on the phone? On an Ipad? Computer? What was the bandwidth you had at the time? Bidding on the phone can be difficult, for me anyway, even on wi-fi. I prefer on the desktop with fast internet.
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