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Thread: some questions about players

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    some questions about players

    Hi ,
    Is there a possibility of getting a player that gain 75 skills points in one season ??!
    and within which ages is the player supposed to get more skill points (someone told me 20-21 - is it true) ??

    another question .. I planned to save 3-4 weak players on the squad , so when I arise on levels they will become (1 star players) - that's a way maybe help me reduce team average , and with lower average I can get a cup with teams within my level .. is it efficient way ???

    thank you

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    yes you can easily get player`s that can earn 75+ skill point`s ideally getting two games a day with league, cup and champions league along with training, the faster trainer`s are player aged 18 to 22 the more expensive the faster they train,

    with the cup even having lower rated player`s to get easier cup drew won`t help

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    heres a tip, buy nordgens. they are very fast trainers and are available just after the server day resets. they are kids aged 18-20 and ARE the most expensive players in your market. if you look at their past club info youll get a 'no club info' thing
    i have a few and last season my 20YO got around 70ish, thats still very low compared to power trainers
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